Why Tim Allen Can Thank 'Roseanne' for Fox's 'Last Man Standing' Revival

Tim Allen

The blockbuster success of "Roseanne" was not the decisive factor in Fox's decision to revive Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing", but it certainly didn't hurt. The network was unable to sell ads on the program at a high enough rate to cover the cost of the license fee paid to Fox's TV studio.

For the first time, football will occupy all of Fox's Thursday-night schedule throughout the fall and early winter. We always felt like ABC didn't really prioritize Last Man Standing. He said it had more to do with ABC not owning the program.

"I don't think the show delves into it very deeply", Newman said. He also disputed the notion that Allen's unwavering support of Donald Trump was a reason ABC made a decision to remove the show from its lineup.

"I'm not sure I think that [ABC's] cancelation had anything to do with politics, if anything, it had something more to do with vertical integration", said Gary Newman, Fox Television's other Chairman and CEO. "It doesn't feel like a soap box for any point of view".

Fox will introduce an equal number of shows next season, including "The Cool Kids", an ensemble comedy about rebellious friends in a retirement community. In addition to his work on "Cosmos", he has been a writer and producer on "Star Trek" series and movies.

The comedies will be paired ahead of the returning reality series "Hell's Kitchen" with Gordon Ramsay.

"The Gifted" is back on Tuesday at 8 p.m., with "Lethal Weapon", returning at 9.

"Weapon" is undergoing a significant change, with star Clayne Crawford replaced after on-set conflicts.

Rather than throw out several new series in September to compete against each other for viewers, Fox and NBC have announced they are only premiering two and three new series, respectively, in the fall.

Wednesday will pair music-oriented dramas "Empire" at 8 p.m. and "Star" at 9.

Fox's upfront event - when it will present its new shows to potential advertisers - will take place Monday afternoon at New York City's Beacon Theatre. Following the season, Seth MacFarlane's sci-fi send-up "The Orville" will return for a second season on that night.

In "Rel", Howery plays a man who has to rebuild his life after he finds out his wife is having an affair with his barber. The series is based on a series of books by Justin Cronin. It will be the final season for "Gotham", which will focus on Bruce Wayne's (David Mazouz) transformation into Batman.

Fox had wanted to rescue "Last Man" past year when it was unexpectedly axed by ABC.

Fox only gave the green light to two new dramas, both on the bench for midseason: "The Passage", executive producer Ridley Scott's series about a federal agent (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) who becomes a surrogate father to a 10-year-old girl at the center of tests at a top-secret government medical facility; and "Proven Innocent", a legal drama that focuses on a wrongful conviction firm (Rachelle Lefevre, Russell Hornsby, Nikki M. James and Vincent Kartheiser star). NBC quickly picked up "Brooklyn Nine-Nine".

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