Here is the first photo of a black hole

Jim Bridenstine NASA

"We found literally the proverbial hole in the middle of this galaxy, and to me that is just stunning", said astrophysicist Dimitrios Psaltis of the University of Arizona, the EHT project scientist.

Everything you need to know about the astronomical phenomenon.

"What we saw were the edges of the black hole". It has a mass 6.5 billion times greater than Earth's sun. "The result is a gravitational field so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape". They begin recording the radio waves being emitted from the ring-shaped silhouette of the black hole.

Fortunately, more telescopes have joined the campaign over the past couple of years, and astronomers are working on ways to improve their data processing methods.

The Black hole travel around to new matter. In a report from The Harvard Gazette, EHT Director Sheperd Doeleman points out that the event opens up an entirely new door to scientists. To have any hope of seeing our own black hole we'd have to send a spacecraft tens, or even hundreds of thousands of light years away, allowing it view the Milky Way from its face rather than its side.

Although the image from Chandra is not a zoomed-out version of the same photograph that was released on April 10 2019, both are legitimate.

Why is this scan so hard?

But researchers including astrophysicists at University College London (UCL), looked for the shadows cast by super-heated bits of space rock and dust as they tumbled into the black hole.

The black hole observed by the scientific team resides about 54 million light-years from Earth.

How did the researchers it is nevertheless? Unlike smaller black holes, which come from dying stars, supermassive black holes' origins have never been determined. It was a precise operation requiring clear skies over all the telescopes and very very delicate coordination using atomic clocks. In hindsight, the observation of linked data with the help of the extremely accurate time signal.

"It took them two years to analyze the data", added the former astronaut, who logged more than 570 hours in space. In getting the instruments connected, they essentially created one Earth-size connected telescope. It is a detail reached sharpness, the equivalent of Berlin, from a newspaper in NY would read. For almost two decades, multiple teams have worked to coordinate the observations of eight radio telescopes using Very Long Baseline Interferometry. "The image in Interstellar is nearly correct", Kazunori Akiyama, postdoctoral researcher at the MIT Haystack Observatory who led the team that created the EHT's image, explained to Gizmodo. But indirect evidence for their existence has been accumulating for a couple of decades until now, a black hole has finally been imaged.

The much anticipated image shows a bright ring formed as light bends in the intense gravity around a black hole. This was not previously resolved.

It looked like a flaming orange, yellow and black ring. The different brightness of the ring is a outcome of the Rotation of either the Black hole or the disk or both.

There are two types of black holes, the garden-variety black holes, which are 20 times bigger than the sun and the supermassive black holes. which are at least a million times bigger than the sun.

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