I love a good cookie, I also love oatmeal, so why not combine the two into something amazing: chewy oatmeal cookies!!

I’ve made oatmeal cookies before, but normally they are more crispy. A few weeks ago I bought a jar of coconut oil and I went looking for recipes on the interwebz, but in the end I decided to try something myself. By using coconut oil the cookie stays soft and chewy, while the oatmeal gives it a nice bite. You can make them more sinful by adding some chocolate chips, but I didn’t have these lying around.

what do you need?

  • 50 gr. oatmeal flour
  • 25 gr. oatmeal
  • 50 gr. flour
  • 30 gr. sugar
  • 60 ml coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon soy milk
  • Vanilla

Melt the coconut oil on low heat while you mix up the dry ingredients. oatmealcookie in the makingWhen they are all nicely mixed up add the oil, milk and vanilla and mix until you have a firm dough. Wrap the dough up in cling film and leave to harden up in the fridge.

After about 20 minutes, take out your dough and form balls. I measure mine and they are about 20 grams each, so this batch of dough made me about 11 cookies. But you can make them bigger or smaller, depending on your taste.
Heat up your oven at about 200 degrees Celsius and bake your cookies for about 15 minutes. They should have crunchy on the outside, but still feel soft when you push them.

Serve them with a nice cup of tea, or hide one in the lunchbox of your loved ones (or you 😉)

chewy oatmeal cookies