Carnaval, the last few days before the Let in Christianity, which finds his roots in various heathen traditions and festivities. In the Netherlands this feast is normally celebrated by people in the provinces Brabant and Limburg and it’s often being frowned on by people from other places, as they don’t seem to understand why you would dress up in a silly costume, dancing to silly music, sing silly songs and drink a lot of beer. But for the people that have grown up with the feast it’s a part of life. A lot of company’s close during these days because the people want to take time of and ‘spring breaks’ in Brabant and Limburg get adjusted by the date Carnaval starts so the kids can get involved as well.
Part of Carnaval is a parade. During that parade clubs of builders show off their skills in building the most awesome paradewagons. Normally they make fun of stuff that happend in their city or they just have a lot of fun. My stepfather is one of this builders and for him Carnaval starts in September when they start building.

For me it also means seeing old friends again. Over the last few years I’ve build a very international group of friends and we visit each other when possible. A few years ago they came over for Carnaval and they really loved it.  The last two years we didn’t come together because of pregnancy’s and new-born baby’s, but this weekend we’re all getting together again. This Plog will hopefully show you how we celebrate Carnaval and of course the stuff we ate during these days. Enjoy!!


Saturday started off early with a trip to Eindhoven Airport to pick up friends from England. Since we’re all trying to live a healthy lifestyle we started out our weekend with a work-out with added weight in the form of a 2-year old. I managed to plank for about a minute with the little boy on my bag, it get’s harder when he starts moving around (you really feel your core then). After that we went for a 30-minute run. In the evening the boys went out and us girls enjoyed ourselves with cookies, chocolate and some wine.



Sunday started off easy again with some oatmeal and episodes of Banshee and Helix. After picking up my brand new cookbook with Viking-meals we headed out to the parade. Since it was girls night we all got excited when we heard the music. So we headed into town around 20:00 and we danced, sang silly songs and way to much alchohol. In good carnaval tradition we ended up in a fastfood restaurant with fries and ‘kapsalon’. Kapsalon is a really strange ‘meal’, it’s fries, döner, salade and cheese which has been put under the grill for a while.



Today was hard! Woke up with a slight *kuch* hangover and I really needed a slower start then usual. So I started out with an episode of The Walking Dead and a big bottle of water. In the afternoon we went to the ‘kids carnaval’. Which basically means kids on sugar rushes running around and parents having to much beer. We gave up at 17:00 and headed home where I started my evening with some much needed downtime with some cartoons.

Tomorrow Pancake day, but also the day I’ll get back on my food-regime…