This week I wanted to give a twist to a classic dish. Not so much a classic like they serve in the restaurants, but a ‘gym’ classic: rice, chicken and broccoli. I ate this a lot when I was still a gym-monkey and I was feeling a bit nostalgic this week.

When I was still doing a lot of lifting I just ate it without the sauce and with a lot of chicken, but for this version I wanted to spice it up a little with some Teriyaki sauce. I made this sauce from scratch instead of taking sauce from a bottle. I must say, I feel sorry for myself that I ate this stuff without the sauce 😛

This version was made with a meat replacement from the grocery store with the hamsters and these where on sale this week. I’m not a big fan of most meat replacements from grocery stores, but these are quite tasty 😛

What do you need?ricevegies1

  • Rice
  • Brocolli
  • Half a tray of Tivalli Sateballs (AH), but into quarters
  • Teriyaki Sauce (I used half the amount for 2 meals)

Cut your broccoli into rosettes and boil until they are just starting to soften up a bit, you don’t want to boil them into snot. While you cook the broccoli, cook your rice according to the directions on the packet.


When your rice and broccoli are cooked heat up a little bit of oil in a wok and heat up your balls (ow, that sounds horrible), they don’t need a lot of time since I doubt you’ll get sick from this stuff. I cut them up with so they get a little crispy edge, you can just heat them up as a whole. Add your broccoli, rice and sauce, give it a good stirr so the sauce covers up the rice and veggies.

Serve with a few sesame seeds if you like. It’s not the best looking recipe or meal, but it brought me back to my gym-times. Enjoy!