So, this weekend was supposed to be about Marvel, bad foods and the company of my brother. Next week we’re gonna see the new Avengersfilm in Antwerp and in preperation we where supposed to watch all the Marvel-films. But then… life happend.

Last Monday my mom called me and said my grandma was doing very bad. She’s been suffering from Alzheimers for over 10 years and some other mental problems as well. Yesterday (april 17th) I spend the evening in the nursing home where she’s been living for the lasting years. I saw first hand how much the staff cared for my grandma and I have so much respect for the way they do their job and how much dedication and love they showed.

This morning my mom called and my grandma died in her sleep, peacefully and without any pain. Even though I feel really sad right now I’m also glad she’s found her peace in death. My grandma had a tough life, surviving the war and taking care of my aunt who has Down syndrome. So instead of having fun with my brother, I actually spend my day tidying my house and going through all my stuff. My grandma’s house was always spotless, clean and tidy, so this actually felt like the right thing to do. My grandma also had a sweet tooth and loved food. So after dinner I wanted to make myself something to remind myself of my grandma. I didn’t feel like baking, the weather is nice, so time for some ICE-CREAM!

This is very easy to make: all you need is a foodprocessor and you’re ready to go.

Love you grandma! We will miss you, but everything is better now

What do you need (1 serving) bananaicecream1

  • 75 grams of frozen banana
  • 25 grams of raspberry’s
  • 10 gr. of chocolate chips



Cut the banana in small chunks and freeze for at least 5 hours, but I prefer to freeze them at least one night. Make sure the pieces are small, otherwise I don’t think a normal foodprocessor will be able to turn your banana into ice-cream. Mine where actually a bit to small, I would aim for about 1,5 cm thick slices next time. When the banana’s are frozen, put them in the food processor and start blending until the banana turns into a smooth ice-creamlike mass.


When that’s done, add your raspberry’s and give it another spin. The raspberry’s will turn into a nice sauce. When it’s done, transfer into a bowl and give it a stir and add your chocolate chips and dig in!


Instead of raspberry’s you can also use strawberry’s, mango, nuts, coconut, cold coffee, peanut butter  and anything else you can think off. If your ‘ice-cream’ doesn’t cream that well, you can add a tablespoon of milk.