With the nice weather showing it’s loverly face over the last few days I’m beginning to crave cold stuff like ice-cream and milkshakes.

So, time for smoothies <3!!! And of course, you don’t want to serve these in a plain and boring glass, so when I ran into this ‘Masonjar’-type of cocktail-jars at one of my favourite shops in the Netherlands I knew I wanted to have breakfast from one of those.

Raspberry’s are always a favourite when making something cold and sweet for the summer, so naturally I choose these for my smoothie, but you can add any type of berry to this smoothie. Instead of normal oats I used Ultra Fine Scottish oats which I bought at BulkPowders.co.uk.  I find these mix easier then normal oats, plus.. have you tried using a straw to drink normal oats?

Anyway, enjoy your sunday!

What do you need (1 serving)raspberrysmoothie1

  • 250 ml of milk (any kind will do)
  • 60 gr. of  Ultra Fine Scottish oats
  • 70 gr. of frozen banana
  • 30 gr. of frozen raspberry’s
  • sweetener (if you want)


Pour milk and oats into a blender and mix until smooth and ‘airey’. After that, mix in your fruits bit by bit, blend until the fruits are completely blended before adding new ones, otherwise you get lumps. Chunks of fruit are good, but not if you use a cup with a straw. If you want, add some sweetener if you want, but I think banana’s and raspberry’s provide enough sweetness already.


When all the fruits are blended in, pour in a cup and enjoy!!