Every now and then I find I miss a meal that I had when I was still eating meat, this weekend I was craving a ‘Turkish pizza’. When I still ate meat when I was studying I always ate those after exams. I bought them on the way home from the train station to my house.

They where rolled up wraps with a tomato sauce with minced meat spread on top, filled with shoarma, lettuce, tomato, unions and loads of sauce, preferably garlic and sambal. I tried making them before using different meat replacement products or spices, but I never got close to the texture of the meat. So when I was at the supermarket and I found these, I decided to try and make them again, but tweaking them a bit.


Instead of  the tomato sauce with minced meat I decided on a garlic sauce based on sour cream. For this version I used about 50 gr. of shoarma, which would make this into a heavy lunch. By increasing the shoarma, some sweet potato fries and a side salade you could make it into a full meal.

If you’re having it for lunch at work I wouldn’t make the garlic sauce to heavy, unless you really hate your co-workers 😉

What do you need (1 serving)

  • 1 wrap (store-bought or home made)
  • 50 gr. of ‘Shoarma’
  • iceberg lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • springunions
  • chilisauce
  • garlic sauce
    • 1,5 tablespoons of sour cream
    • dille
    • garlic
    • lemon juice

Start by making your sauce, I didn’t specify amounts of garlic or dille, I wanted a garlic heavy sauce, so I used quite a bit of garlic, but if you have somewhere to be I’d suggest you use a bit less, same goes for the dille and lemon juice. Just add to taste. Cut your lettuce, tomato en unions into strips or halve them. Set aside until you’re ready to put everything together.shoarmawrap4

When your sauce is done, it’s time to start baking. Start by heating a little bit of oil in a frying pan and add the ‘shoarma’. I love this kind, it actually resembles the real stuff really well in comparison to some of the other meat replacements you find. Bake until they start to brown and take the shoarma out of the pan, cover and set aside. Doesn’t that look like the ‘real’ stuff? The texture was very much a like. If I use a meat replacement, texture is so much more important to me then the actual idea of replacing meat, sometimes a meal just needs a certain texture only meat could provide (imo that is).


Time to assemble! Spread the garlic sauce on the wrap, layer on the ‘shoarma’ and finish of with the lettuce, tomatoes and spring unions. Top with a little bit of chilli sauce if you like.



This version only holds around 400 kcal, so if you want to make this a more filling meal you can always make some sweet potato fries to go with this. I wanted to be able to dig into some ‘cheat foods’ later on, so no fries for me…