A little while ago I made a post about my weight and how it made me feel about myself. While drinking a cup of coffee, eating a piece of brownie and watching one of my favourite movies ever  I suddenly  realised the way I felt wasn’t only the result of my weight loss, but I have also been neglecting myself.  Because I didn’t feel good about myself, I didn’t invest time in my body and how it looked. Of course, I’m still eating the right things, but this girl needs her exercise. Trouble is, I no longer have the time to go to the gym as often as I used to.

Instead I turned to the wonderful world of ‘home exercise’. This may seem and sound very expensive, but it isn’t! I just invested in a dumbell and an yoga-mat and the rest was found in the App Store 😛


My dumbell is a 15kg. one and that should suffice for most of the exercises I’m doing now. No matter hom much I loved doing 90kg squats I just can’t do it anymore (especially with my current job that requires a lot of walking, this would only be counterproductive). So in this post I’m gonna show you what apps I use to make my change and start feeling better about myself.


1. MyFitnessPal (available for Iphone, Android and Windows Phone)


This is both a website and an App and this lets you track your calorie intake and keep track of your macro’s and goals. Want to gain weight? Just adjust the goal! You add your weight, your ‘activity level’ and voila! Your calorie goal for that day! You can also add everything manually and adjust the macro’s. What I love about this app is that I can ‘scan’ a product and if it’s in the database I can just add the right amount to my Food Diary. You can also add your exercise and this way you ‘earn’ more calories to eat. I can also add my own foods and add the calories to my diary, so all my awesome snacks are in the app as well.

The only thing you need to do is measure your food, which can be difficult when eating out. But after a while you can guess a bit. I would also check with the products you have at home, especially if it’s not a local product. Calorie’s could be different in each country.

I’ve been using it for 2 years now and tracking my calories has gotten some kind of habit that gives my a lot of rest. Plus, it’s still fun to stay within my macro’s even when I eat a little more cookies then I intended to 😛

2. Jefit (available for iPhone and Android)


With this useful app you can track your exercise, the weight and reps and it tracks your progress. You can use one of the many pre-made workouts or add your own. What I love about this app is that it gives you motivation when you increased your weight/reps. You get a nice ‘congratulations’ when you improved yourself and yes, I’m very open to this kind of motivation. Shoot me 😛

3. Fitstar (available for iPhone)


This App offers a wide selection of (paid) workouts you can do at home. You can either do the program the App offers you, or do one of the many ‘Freestyle’ workout the app offers. The choice is a bit limited with the free version, but if your willing the spend 8 dollars a month you gain acces to all the work outs. But I think you will get all the workout you need with one of the free workouts. There is a 7-minute one if you don’t have a lot of time but still want to log some exercise that day (so you can have that piece of carrot cake maybe) or maybe you want a 10-minute torture of your abs. It’s all there!

4. Stop, Breath, Think (available for iPhone and Android)


This is an App I only discovered this week so I haven’t tried it a lot. But at first glance this looks like a very nice addition to the App’s I’m already using. Although this is a meditation App instead of a Work Out App, I still feel it belongs in this list. Because feeling good about yourself isn’t just physical, it’s also mental. What I love about this app is that you can choose between a lot of different meditations depending on your mood. There are a lot of pre-made meditations, but there is also the option of getting the meditation that fits your mood, you add terms that fit your mental and physical state and it gives suggestions for meditations . You can also earn stickers!! And who doesn’t love stickers when you achieved something. I think this will be an app I’ll be using a lot after a long day or work.


Edit: I’ve tried this App a few times now and I feel it really helps. I did the ‘Relax, Ground and Clear’-meditation after work and the ‘Welcoming the Day’ in the morning and it made me more relaxed and at ease. Let’s hope I’ll be able to keep it up. According to The Miracle Morning (Amazon, bol.com) it will take about 30 days for this to become an actual habit (3 weeks to get it in my system, 1 week to get used to it). I can really recommend you get the extra packs (no, I don’t get paid for this), as specially if you’re anything like me and you get anxious sometimes.

Over the last week I’ve been putting in at least one work out a day and already I feel a bit different. It might sound weird that I’d be turning to exercise when I’m trying to gain weight, but the idea is that I’ll be shopping my body again, so, that when I start to gain weight it will actually improve my body instead of just adding fat and make my flat. I want my round ass back, not a flat one.