A few weeks ago I read a book called Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. In his twenties, he got into a big car accident en nobody thought he would recover. Later in live, he lost almost all of his money. This major experiences left a big mark on his life and he created the ‘Miracle Morning’, a 60 minute ‘program’ he does every day. This consists of some meditation, reading, making notes about the day and exercise.

But really, I already get out of bed at 6:00 and I have no desire what so ever to get out of bed at 5:00. But I am applying some of his theories on my daily routines. I use the Stop, Breath, Think- App in the morning and in the evening to ground myself and to really feel connected with myself.

In his book, Hal Elrod tells us he writes in a notebook every day as a part of his routine. In a notebook he writes about the following things: gaining clarity about stuff that happend, capture ideas, review lessons and acknowledging his progress. In his book, he gives tips about what a journal should look like. Now I have tried journalling before, and usually I quit after a few weeks. Since I really want to make an effort now, I’ve started looking for a kind of journal that has dates in it (like Hal says in the book). I found the ‘One Like a Day’-memory book. The one I bought is usable for 5 years! Every day has a little space where you can write something down.


A condesed, comparative record for five years.
for recording events most worthy of remembrance

It’s a nice hardcover book with pretty golden sides. Every page has been numbered with a date and has room for 5 years of notes. On one of first pages you can read this:


I’m not gonna use this to write down what I did that day, but I’ll plan on writing down stuff I’m thankful for, stuff that went well that day, or just a happy thought. This book should be filled with happy thoughts, so when I feel bad, I can look back at the thinks I’m happy about and this might give me perspective about life when I feel bad.

And.. an extra bonus: this baby is made from environmental responsible paper