I dedicate this post to the lovely (I think) . I know you can’t have gluten, so when I decided I wanted to make a vegiburger I just knew it had to be gluten free.

Despite Pinterest, blogs and other websites with loads of recipes I still like going through a cookbook every now and then. A few years ago I was almost buying them in  bulk and when I look back I have no idea why I bought some of them. I once bought a book with BBQ-recipes, and I never ever do a big BBQ. So now I’m just gonna buy books that really add something to my life, that spark joy so to say ;).

A few weeks ago I bought this book with vegieburgers, (veggie)balls and sandwich spreads. I used recipes from the internet a few times, but this one got some really good reviews and from what I saw, they didn’t look like recipes that needed a lot of ingredients, something I find very important.


When I had a look at the recipes I got really excited, they are easy to make and normally don’t require a lot of ingredients. What I also love about this book, is that it has tips on how to combine a certain burger to make it a meal. Plus, with every recipe there are icons that show if a recipe is gluten free or can be made gluten free.

Today I just went for the first recipe in the book, I just couldn’t choose which one to make first 😛 The original recipe made 6, but this one makes around 4 burgers. Ow, ander they are gluten free 😀 I also left out some ingredients like capers and olives, personally I don’t like them. But you can add them if you want and I changed some of the spices.

What do you need? (4 burgers)cashewlentilburger1

  • 90 gr. cashews (unsalted)
  • 90 cooked lentils (I used red, but the original recipe said brown).
  • 30 gr. of buckwheat flour
  • garlic
  • oregano
  • ‘meatspices’ (I bought them in Turkey, no idea what’s in them)
  • pepper
  • salt

If you use uncooked lentils, cook them until they are getting soft but not let them turn into babyfood, I went a little overboard and they got a little soft, I just compensated later. Leave the lentils to cool before you use them. Grind your cashews in a kitchen machine, you can leave them a bit chunky like I did or just grind them really good and make them almost flour like, depending on taste.


Mix the lentils, flour, garlic and spices. Add 30 ml of water and mix everything until it turns into a nice sticky mass. Because my lentils sucked up a lot of moist I didn’t add water, mine turned out great.

cashewlentilburger3Divide the mixture into 4 portions and form burgers. I did this by making balls and flatten them on a plate, but you could also use one of those baking rings. I found I got the best results if I put the burgers in the fridge for a few hours before baking them. They got a lot firmer because of that and that made them easier to bake.


Heat a little bit of oil in a pan en bake your burgers a few minutes until they start browning.


Serve with a salade, some quinoa/couscous or the aubergine/tomato-stew I made to go with it.cashewlentilburger7