After my day of pattern making it was time to give the patterns a go. After carefully studying the patterns I was certain it was possible for me to make the clothing. First of all, we had to order fabric, but I wasn’t going to ruin 134 euro’s worth of fabric on my first try.


So I bought some sheets for about 9 euro’s (240x240cm) for my dress and I used an old sheet to try out the pattern for my brothers pants.


On Satuarday I started my ‘battle’ with the sewing machine….

Okey, I didn’t start of right.. I wasn’t feeling great and had a urinary infection so I had to walk to the bathroom every 15 minutes, at some point I almost decided to just move everything to the bathroom and live there for the rest of the weekend… This made me feel very restless and I couldn’t really focus. After trying to get the needle and thread in for about 1,5 I just gave up and curled up on the sofa with Gossip Girl and tea…

Another try on Sunday, this time I took a different approach. Instead of using the manual I found a YouTube-movie about how to get the thread in the machine. I found a very useful technique which made everything so much easier. Ow, and of course I had coffee….



After that it was time to start drawing, cutting and sewing…




This little square forms the armpit of the dress (you’ll see what I mean), not bad for a first attempt. Yes, I pretty much made seams in everything because the fabric was crap and I wanted to get as much practice in as possible. And I needed the practice….. in reading…. (guess, what I did wrong here)



Good thing clothing usually has two sleeves, so I had another go.. Instead of using the book and switching between two pages (one with the picture and one with the description) I made copies of both pages and kept them next to each other…Worked so much better!!!



After about an hour or 2 of sewing (remember, I still had to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes or so…) I made this. I was actually very happy with what I made. I actually never made a full dress myself and without my mom in the same room….




Now I knew this try was going to be a little big, but I wasn’t sure on the size to use. But little was an understatement…



This was a size “M” (size EU38, UK12, US8), and although Viking clothing can be a bit less formfitting, this might be a bit to much. When I get my fabric I’ll be making a size ‘S” (EU34, UK6 and US2) according to the sizing table from the book. But I’ll cut the edges about 0.5 cm bigger to allow for sizing. And of course, I can always add 2 seams at the back to make it more formfitting.




I also started out with my brothers pants, but I don’t have any pictures of that, since the pictures don’t really show much. The ‘trouble’ with that pattern is, is that is relies on the measurements I take of my brother. I can’t just enlarge the pattern. But, I got some work in and I have a general idea of how the pattern works. So when my mom comes back from her holiday we’ll have a look at that together..

Overall, I’m pretty happy with what I achieved this weekend. I’ve learned a lot and I actually really enjoyed myself when I figured out what I had to do.