Yes, another ‘tag’ post. I love these lists. I found this one on the Dutch blog De Groene Meisjes. So, yeah, here is another one 😛 Plus, it’s freaking 30 degrees outside!! Go outside and enjoy the sun!!!

Sorry if you don’t like these, but I think they are a cute way of sharing something about me without having to tell a story about myself. Short and simple…



What’s your favourite breakfast?

Good old Oatmeal, any combination really. During the week I make my oatmeal the night before so I only have to heat it in the morning. Weekends are for experiments… or just the kinds that take a little longer to prepare…

How do you drink your coffee?

Black at home and cappuccino when I go out for dinner… I even like the lame to milky ones from Starbucks.

What’s your favourite sandwich?

Can I have 2? Pretty please? Just a plain spelt bread with (fresh, spicy) humous and vegetables. Preferably grilled, but I can’t live without my bread for lunch.

Soup or salad?

Soup, the ultimate comfort food. Hot soup with loads of veggies, warm bread with butter… Doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer…. You can really wake me up for this.

What’s your favourite cookbook?

Vegetarian by Alice Hart, my first introduction to vegetarian cooking.


No more sweetness or no more savoury?

No more sweetness, I can live without chocolate or sugar, but I could never live without savoury foods. I still tell myself to come up with more savoury snacks, because most of my snacks are still pretty sweet.

What’s your favourite kitchen (food)?

Pffff… I can’t really choose… but I think any Asian kitchen. I love curry’s and stir fry’s. Somehow it doesn’t feel that ‘heavy’ on my stomach as the normal ‘Dutch’ food does.

Favourite food film?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the 2005 one with Johnny Depp


What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Salty Caramel Chocolate. Best combination of sweet and salty, I totally love love love this one:tonnyschocolonely

Hmmmm…. Maybe I should do something with that…..

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

Jamie Oliver. Not only because he showed me that you can make wonderful meals without to much effort or loads of ingredients. But mostly because of his effort to get children to eat healthy. I see so many young children that have issues with weight and this actually really scares me.

Cooking at home or eating out?

Cooking at home… I love trying out new things or cooking for friends. I like going out for lunch though, because that gives my inspiration for my own lunches. But when I go out for dinner I always have a lot of comments on what’s on my plate, I always have things that I want to change…

High end or Low profile?

Low Profile…

Favourite Restaurant?

In the Netherlands:  Le Bouleau in Bergen op Zoom. Amazing food and the staff really knows what they are talking about. Portions aren’t that big, but you never leave hungry.
And Pan Asia in Berlin.

I shop at?

Just your plain old supermarket, I refuse to shop at 10 different shops to get my food. I’m to lazy for that.

Best thing I ever ate?

Funny thing, this is actually meat and a steak! I don’t like steak, but this one was actually amazing! Grilled Black Angus Steak in a restaurant in Utrecht. We went out for dinner with my old work and the vegetarian option was curry, I wasn’t in the mood for that, so I tried the steak, it was amazing!! Picture doesn’t do it justice…


Favourite cocktail?

Bacardi Lemon and Icetea… You don’t taste the alcohol and they *bang* your drunk!!!

Coffee with George Clooney or Heston Blumenthal?

I actually didn’t know who Heston Blumenthal is, but it’s not a choice actually: George Clooney any day!

The think you can’t live without in your kitchen?

My scale… I weigh everything, I would go crazy if I couldn’t weigh my food anymore…

Favourite snack?

Crackers/bread and homemade herbal butter. Combined with a non-alchohol beer…

What’s on your pizza?

Roasted veggies, goats cheese, arugula… Hmmm…. now I want pizza….

What food do you really dislike

Dutch Stew, any kind! Potatoes (mashed) with vegetables like carrots, endive or kale. It gets cooked in one pot and then mashed and mixed together. They serve it with gravy and some kind of meat… I always think it’s babyfood… I like mashed potatoes (the sweet kind), but I don’t get this….

My favourite foodblog?

English: The Londoner. Not really a foodblog, but more a lifestyle blog. But I love her recipes and some of them have been an inspiration for some of the recipes I post here.

Dutch: De Groene Meisjes. Vegan food, but also very simple and easy to make. Also a great inspiration for my ‘Clean Living’

Funniest thing I ever ate?

Poeh… I have no idea…

What’s on your food bucketlist?

Eating in a Michelin starred restaurant. You know, because I can…

I can’t live without….

Bread! I know some people may think bread is some kind of poison, but I really love bread for lunch. Meh, I’m more Dutch then I think 😉 I like eating a salad now and then, but lunch in never complete with some kind of bread… I prefer spelt now a days.