So, last Friday I had this AMAZING idea: let’s plan a full day (waking up at 7:30), work a late shift (until 0:00) and after that drive for 1,5 hours because that way you’ll get the most sleep before you go to a festival on Saturday. Sounds smart right….

NEVER doing that again! If there had been more traffic I would have probably killed myself, totally not worth it. But, apart from that, it gave me a great idea for this post. Because going for a drive that takes longer then 45 minutes usually means I bring something to snack and drink. Especially if it’s warm like last Friday. Gasstations on highways usually give you limited choices: sugar, salt, fat… and a lost apple or banana somewhere, but most of the stuff isn’t really healthy. So I started looking online for the best road trip snacks that aren’t loaded with sugars, fat or salt.

Last time I did a long drive without being prepared I ended up buying a 450gr. bag of M&M’s which I ate in 15 minutes, I couldn’t even remember eating that much because I was just stuffing them in my mouth while I was driving.

For me, a good road trip snack should be:

  • Easy to pack, think of those cookie bars in a plastic wrapper, that kind of easy, I don’t want to bring my whole Tupperware collection (If I would have Tupperware to begin with)
  • Easy to grab, you don’t want to open a jar or peel something while driving (unless you have someone with you that can do it for you)
  • Easy to eat, so no sticky fingers
  • Easy to dispose, I mean, who doesn’t know the sight of a car filled with wrappers and coffee cups.

Wanna see what I found?

1. Nuts


Nuts are a great source of protein, which will give you the energy you need to focus on a long trip and will keep you filled up so you can’t be seduced by the gasstations options loaded with sugar. Keep away from salted nuts though, plain ones are just as good. If you’re controlling you calories, don’t bring a whole 450 gr. bag of nuts because they do contain a lot of calories. I normally take a small paper bag with about 30gr. of nuts. Depending on what kind that would give you about 160kcal.

2. Dried Fruits

Raisains, banana’s,  mango’s or dried cranberry’s, these are perfect because they aren’t to messy to eat, although they might give you a sticky hand. You can get them in the store, or just dry some slices yourself in the oven at 90 degrees celsius. You can mix them with nuts for some extra flavour. Put them in a small paper bag or snack container and trow them in your bag for a fast snack on the road. They do contain sugar, but I always feel its the ‘good’ kind, because it’s natural. Rather this kind of sugar then the artificial kind….

3. Veggies


Stuff like small carrots, tomatoes and slices of cucumber. They don’t contain a lot of callories, so if you have time to make a stop somewhere you could bring some hummus with you for dipping, but they do contain loads of water and vitamins. Hydration is always good when you’re traveling.

4. (Homemade) granola 

Most of them contain grains, protein and maybe some fruits or nuts, which actually makes them a great combination. Again, make sure you bring it in a snack box as it can contain a load of calories and it’s easy to overeat while you’re driving.

5. Protein Balls (or bars)

Pinterest gives you loads of idea’s on how to make them. You can make a large amount, store them in your freezer in snack size portions and take some when you leave. By the time you get hungry they have warmed up a bit and they are ready to eat. Hmmm… I should make some soon…

6. Roasted Chickpea’s


Couldn’t make this list without involving some of my own stuff right. Again, chickpea’s offer loads of protein and you can add different kinds of flavours, mine where spicy, but honey might be an option to if you’re more of a sweet tooth.

7. Oatbars


These are even more perfect as a road trip snack when you cut them in halves, they turn into bitesize goodies. Because they aren’t to sticky they will not give you dirty hands.

8. 2-ingredient cookies

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 11.57.51

My latest addiction!! They are made from oatmeal and banana’s. Just mash 2 banana’s and 1 cup of oatmeal. Make about 16 heaps of the dough and bake them in the oven for about 15 minutes. Again, freeze them and bring them anywhere you want!

But… how do you pack all these tasty snacks?

1. Resealable bags

I’m not a big fan of plastic bags, but I like the ones you can use again, like these from IKEA.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 13.04.38


2. Snack boxes

You can wash them, easily seal them and trow them in your bag. I like the ones from Sistema.

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 13.07.53

3. Paper bags


These might be silly, but I use them a lot to bring snacks to work. Most of the snacks I eat at work I make myself, so I want to store them in the freezer, take them out before leaving for work and by the time I get a break they’ve gotten to the perfect temperature. I bought mine on Ebay, but you can get them on Amazon or maybe even in a local health store. When the ones on Ebay aren’t usable any more I might get some from recycled paper. For me, paper is still better then plastic.

Of course, you might want to bring something to drink as well. Instead of getting a soda (even a light one) it’s always better to bring water. You could add some lemon juice or fruits to your water to give it some flavour. If you want really cold water when you leave, pop a bottle in the fridge the night before you leave. During your trip you can get little sips of the water while there’s still some ice in it. This will keep your water fresh and tasty…

Hmmmm… I think I need another road trip 😛