OMG, I’m 30!!! When I write this post it’s just after 0:00 so I’m officially 30 now… This actually doesn’t feel any different then 29 but in a way it’s still different. Maybe I’m just being malodramatic about it, but I feel like I’m not ready to be 30 yet.. I’m not who I expected to be when I was 25 of even 20…

But, I’m not looking back, I have some positive things lined up for me which hopefully will change how I feel about my life right now. Time to look forward!!!

On Youtube I found a vlogchannel called PointlessBlog. Apparently there is a book as well, but I don’t think I want to spend 20 euro’s on that. Anyway’s, on that channel I saw a vlogpost about where he expected to be in 10 years time. So, I think this is the perfect time for me to think about where I’ll be in 10 years time, when I’ll turn 40 (holy fuck, I feel my mom is that age, except she’s turning 60 next year).

In ten years time I hope I still have a nice place to live, I kinda like my current apartment, but it’s a bit small to still be living in when I’ll turn 40. Because when I get to 40 I hope I’ll still be happy in a relationship and maybe have a child. I think I’m gonna stick to one child, for some reason I don’t think I’ll be able to give enough attention to more children. One should be enough, but you never know, I might have 3 by then.

Apart from being in a happy relationship I would like to have a steady job, hopefully as a teacher but as long as it’s a steady job in which I can challenge and improve myself I would be very happy. Also, I hope this job will pay enough for me to pay back my student loans and still have enough money to do whatever I want. Go on a vacation every once in a while or go out for dinner in a fun place (not to pricy, although I hope I’d be able to have dinner in a Michelin Star Restaurant once by then).

This means I’ll still live a ‘clean lifestyle’, both in they way I eat and in the way I live. So no stuff that don’t spark joy or that I really don’t need. So no huge amounts of toys for my kid, but just enough to keep him/her entertained but still feel it’s to much sometimes. I’ll still be eating healthy homemade foods which my family can enjoy and feel happy about. I hope I can manage to stay vegetarian with vegan days, but if at some point I’ll start eating meat fulltime again, that’s fine as well (hey, it’s 10 years from now).

I hope I’ll still spend enough time with my friends and family and that everyone I love is happy and healthy. Maybe I’ll still be doing re-enactment, wouldn’t that be fun!! Bring my child along in one of those cute mini-Viking outfits *dreams* My mom will be around her 70’s by then, so I’ll hope she and her husband will be in good health and still  be able to go on vacation and hike some distance. I hope I can still turn to her for guidance and advice or just have a nice cup of tea with. I hope my brother and me will still be as close as we are now, going on vacation every now and then, go out to a concert or visit reenactment events together.

Hmmmm…. what else… I think I have everything covered now. For now I’m just gonna hope that some the positive things that’s are on my path will work out and that 30 will not be the end of something but the start of something good and positive.

Can’t wait what the next 10 years will bring me…