So, last week I bought a Oatmeal/Nutella cookie at Starbucks. Although I really loved it, this cookie had a few downsides:

  1. Not enough Nutella
  2. The Nutella was in the middle of the cookie
  3. Not enough Nutella

So, I today I decided on making my own. But instead of just putting a blob of Nutella in the middle of a cookie and made it more into a sandwich cookie. I used my recipe for Chewy Oatmeal cookies as a base and the Vegan Nutella I made yesterday. If you don’t want to make your own Nutella, just get Nutella from the store, but I liked this one better.

So this isn’t a very long post. Doesn’t make the cookies any better!!

What do you need? (about 14)

  • 1 batch of oatmeal cookie dough
  • Vegan Nutella

Unroll the dough and use a cookie cutter the cut cookies. Make sure the dough is quite thin, you’re making sandwiches!!


Bake them in an 180 degrees Celsius  oven for about 18 minutes until they’re nice a brown. Let them cool a bit before you assemble them.





Enjoy these cookies with a nice cup of coffee or just as a snack….