The last 2 weeks I’ve had a much needed break from work. Apart from the weekend in Arnhem and Londen is spend most of last week making the clothing for reenactment. Since I did post on the stuff I did before I owed you the ‘real’ deal as well. Since I’m doing a lot of waiting today I might as well do something useful 🙂

After almost 1,5 weeks of waiting our fabric came in


I’m not the best seamstress, but I actually enjoyed it at the end. It’s not done yet, because I need help doing the rest and I can’t finish them until after that. But hey, always a reason for a new post right 😉


The place to be: my parents house, it’s bigger so I had more space for cutting and ironing (also, I don’t own a ironing board and my mom does).

I started out easy, by adjusting the length of one of the tunics my brother already owns. Turns out, the pattern they where using was wrong and the tunics where to long and the pants to ‘foofy’. So after measuring and some fitting by my brother I ended taking off about 15 cm’s.


During my weekend in Arnhem I bought some linnen yarn and made a little decorative boarder to the neckline and the bottom.



After the weekend I had 2 days to make as much as I could, I was planning on making a tunic, a dress and a pina for myself. I can’t make the other dress yet because that’s made out of the same fabric as my brothers new pants and I still need to measure him for that. So 3 items and 0 experience = piece of cake right…

After washing the fabric (to take account shrinking) it was time to iron and lay out the patterns. The top of all the clothing is in the fold of the fabric, that way I wound’t have to worry about it being even.



After that it was time for the scariest thing, cutting…. Really, my brother has a lot more confidence in me then I do 😛 But after the first cut there was no going back and I just kept going until everything was done. I was doing everything in ‘fases’, so washing –> ironing –> pattern –> cutting –> ironing –> sewing. I hoped it would get me in some kind of ritme and I was right… And to make sure I had all the ‘right’ sides together I would actually pin the seams after cutting.




After that it was time for me to get sewing… I actually didn’t follow the instructions after the tunic, because it was actually a lot easier then I thought it was going to be. But then again, Vikings didn’t have machines and proper scissors or stuff like that, so it can’t be that hard. Well, sewing on sleeves turned out to be horrible. I think I made my brothers tunic twice because I kept putting on the sleeves inside out :S



So there was a lot of swearing, pinning, sewing, swearing and starting over. I got so caught up in the work I kept forgetting te eat and drink.. Ow, and between sewing I was also painting a new cabinet for my house… Multitasking anyone??

But… after 2 days I managed to get everything done… well sort of done… (I got the pina done as well, but I couldn’t hang it yet because I still have to finish the straps).



I still have a little to do list, but that’s stuff that I can only do with some help. I need to fit everything to get the proper length and the decorative lining on the dresses needs to be done. But since I can’t pin that by myself I’m going to need some help from my mom. But I think I’m going to finish that sometime next week.

So there will be another boring post about my sewing project. And I’m actually planning on a new sewing project as well since I might need a pair of pants and a short tunic as well. Because I’ll probably start fighting at some point as well… eeeek… scary…