Yesterday I celebrated my 30th birthday for all my friends. It turned out to be one of the most awesome birthdays ever!!! Or at least, of my adult life.

Because of ‘expansions’ happening most of my friends showed up in the afternoon, but that didn’t make the party any less fun.

First, it was time for gifts: I got a knife and drinking cup for reenactment and a bottle of Liquire 43. I’m saving that bottle, I might need it some time this week (hopefully I’m getting some good news, fingers crossed).

But the best gift (at least I thought it was the best gift) where these flowers the 2,5 year old boy got me. Aren’t they cute!!!

The kids had so much fun in my house, crawling under chairs and access to a lot of snacks!! Also, to add to the fun I baked them pancakes which they ate with a lot of sugar (and I ended up with a white floor). The 2,5 year old enjoyed himself so much that he was crying his eyes out when it was time to go home (could also be the sugar rush wearing off). I ended up promising him he could come over and play soon and I’d bake him pancakes again, so I have a play date with a cute blond soon 😉 I think we’ll go to the playground for our date :p

But, the highlight of my day wasn’t this, I actually ended up getting sold by my brother to one of my friends. Don’t worry, it’s all reenactment related. It’s been a running gag for the last two years now. 2 of my friends have been negotiating my price and yesterday they came to an agreement. I think it has something to do with corn, salt, plastic toy chickens and swords drawn on paper…

Of course, this ‘joyful’ fact had to be shared on Facebook. We actually had a lot more fun from all the reactions. Funny fact: my ‘husband to be’ just broke up with his girlfriend…
Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 23.16.03

So today I spend most of my day curled up on the sofa because my cold and headache got back in full swing. I made an genius snack which I’ll post sometime this week and I’m having a lovely healthy snack later, because tomorrow it’s bye bye to all the cheating and back to my normal diet again.

Fat free Greek yogurt, frozen strawberry’s, some 72% chocolate and a little bit of honey. Just as tasty as the tiramisu I almost bought, but a bit more healthier…