If you’ve read my post about clean clothing you know I’m trying to buy more clothing that’s ‘clean’, in that post I mostly focussed on the fabrics being used or what the company tries to do to produce eco-friendly clothing.

Even though we hear a lot about excitants that happen in factory’s a lot of people still buy their clothing a ‘fashion factory’s’ like Primark. In september 2014 Primark opened a store in Arnhem and ever since the streets of Arnhem are filled with people that carry the iconic Primark paper bag. Apparently it does do something for the other stores, because research shows that sells in other stores go up with 30% when Primark opens a store (*)

I only went to Primark once, in Manchester a few years ago. But seeing a sign that said waiting time: 1.5 hours put me off so much I never ever went into a Primark again and actually refuse to go into one of those stores. Apart from that I don’t think I’m the ‘target group’ of the store, since I only see 15-year old girls coming out of the store. Which I can understand, when I was 15 I didn’t have lot of money to spend on clothing, so buying a 3 euro shirt would an option. You want new stuff every 2 months anyway.

But with a the news about accidents in clothing factory’s you can deny the the cheap clothing ‘we’ love to buy can’t be produced under normal circumstances. The documentary Sweatshop – Deadly Fashion shows the trip 3 Norwegian kids made to Cambodja. During the trip they see the circumstances under which the seamstresses have to work but also experience the way they live.


Yes, I’m aware that I’m focussing on Primark is this post, but this could be said about all the stores that produce clothing and sell them for unrealistic low prices. I’m not saying I have the answer to this problem nor am I the person that will lecture you about the choices you make about where you buy your clothing. I’m trying to share my journey to a cleaner life, which involves making better informed choices about clothing.

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