Apart from my migraine I also suffered from the need to get stuff done around the house. You know, all those little chores that need to get done but you really drag doing them because you really don’t have the energy for it.

At first I just forced myself to sit on the sofa and watch Dr. Who on Netflix. But around 12:00 I just couldn’t stop myself anymore and just decided to give in. Recipe for disaster, I know… but hey.. sometimes you just need to give in to your urges right…

So, around 12 I hopped into my little red Toyota and drove to a major shopping centre in the city nearby, it’s not really a shopping centre with clothing, the stores all focus on homes.

First stop: IKEA

Although I don’t like the furniture they sell at Ikea, and except for my bed and some lampshades in the living room all my furniture is either homemade or secondhand. For some reason I always feel like your home starts looking like an Ikea-catalog when you get to much stuff, even when it’s not the same ‘line’. But I like shopping at IKEA for all the little bits you need around your house, like storage containers for food and stuff like that. Since I have a lot of cooking supplies and food I needed some containers and clear boxes. I wanted boxed you could stack so I could same up some space in my little pantry.

For storage I got the boxes from Samla and for my foods I got the Ikea 365+ Dry Food Jar with lid in different sizes. For the food containers I also got those little stickers so I could write down what’s in the boxes.





After some repacking this is what my pantry looks like now (yes, there is more stuff, but I don’t think you’re actually interested in my vacuum cleaner :P.

I also bought a square baking tin and one of those screens for the door to keep the bugs out.

I still have a lot of stuff that needs to get done, but after the trip to the shopping centre my migraine hit hard (must be all those screaming children) and I went home and spend the rest of the day watching Dr. Who…