I posted this picture at new years eve… In 2014 I graduated after 5 hard years of study. I didn’t know I had it in me to finish this study and become something amazing: a History teacher. To bad there aren’t a lot of jobs available for History teachers in the Netherlands. So I ended up working in a warehouse as a Stock Controler. This basically meant I spend the last few months either counting the stock or searching for items the pickers couldn’t find. This work made me feel horrible about myself, was this the thing I’ve been working so hard for all those years?

But now! It’s GAME TIME!!! Thanks to a very good friend I had the chance to apply for a job at an IT-company and last Wednesday I got accepted for this job. Starting August 3rd I will be working as a Support Engineer!! I’m super excited and scared at the same time. Will I be able to to the job the way they expect me to and will I like it?

Edit: This will mean I’ll probably post less recipes the next few weeks. I have to be careful with my money because I have to stretch it a bit. I might do a few recipes that you can freeze or make in larger badges. Good thing I have a few posts made in advance 😛