Ok, I survived the week!!! Only one more week to go before I get a week of and only two weeks to go until I start my new job. I got my employment contract yesterday and I really felt like celebrating. So I put on my new favourite song. Normally hate David Guetta and Nicki Minaj even more, but I sort of kinda like this song….

I also felt I deserved something sweet to reward myself for surviving this week. So I made a little bike ride to the supermarket with absolutely no clue about what I wanted to get… Recipe for disaster?… Hmmm… not really!

What do you need (1 serving)mangotrifle1

  • 100 gr. of Mango
  • 100 gr. of yogurt
  • 2 cookies

For cookies I just used plain wholewheat cookies, but you can use any kind you want. I just love these cookies, just because they are simple.

Start by cutting the mango and the cookies. There are some movies on YouTube on how to properly cut a mango, but I can’t seem to do it so everything just turns into a juicy mess…. /care… When you cut the mango into small pieces, cut the cookies into small pieces as well.



When everything is cut, it’s time to build your trifle. Start with about 50 gr. of yogurt, add the mango and top with cookies.. and repeat! I did two layers, but you can do more if you want.