After my decluttering project at home I needed a new ‘project’. Decluttering my house made me think about all the stuff I use on my body, which isn’t a lot compared to other woman, but I’ve cut back a lot over the last few years because I realised my skin reacted badly to a lot of stuff. But then I found this book called ‘Skin Cleanse’ by Adina Grigore, she studied holistic health and nutrition and after years and years of problems with her skin she wondered why she wasn’t putting her knowledge to use in her skincare and she was using loads of products that didn’t do anything for her. So she started experimenting with the stuff in het kitchen cabinets and wrote everything down in this great book!


The book is all about taking care and improving your skin, but also about protecting your skin. But the book isn’t all about the outside, it starts with the inside. Good skin starts on the inside, with your food, getting enough rest en exercise. She recommends that you start your ‘cleanse’ by having a good look at your food by keeping a diary. What do you eat and how does your body feel after eating certain foods. For instance, I found out that I react badly to lactose, I got break outs and my intestines start to play up, so I’ve been cutting out milk products as much as I can.

Of course, sugars and processed foods are to be cut out of your diet anyways. But really, does anyone think a donut with glaze and chocolate sprinkles is a healthy choice?

In chapter six it’s all about the ‘skin cleanse’, which is build out of a few steps.

  1. Product journal: keep track of what you use every day. Everything that touches your skin you write down, from the soap you use in the shower to the soap you use at work to wash your hands. Also keep track about how your skin looks, for instance after you shower.
  2. Make-up: Make up goes bad!! Get rid of it when the expiration date has passed or when you can’t read it anymore. Mostly it’s displayed like this, but there are some general rules to the expiration date of make up and skin care products (link). DSCN2522
  3. Beaty Rehab: replace some of the products with natural alternatives or mix them together. Or go a day (or maybe even a week) without any products. Of course, she lets you use toothpaste and deodorant, but there are some great recipes in the book.

In the book you can also find a lot of recipes for skincare products. From anything to face wash to face masks and deodorant. Everything is made with stuff out of your kitchen and aren’t that hard to make. I’m really gonna try some of those recipes, it just seems to make sense that I use natural products on the inside as well as on the outside..