I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the start of my new job, but today I was thinking about the fact that I’m already 1,5 months in my 30’s and I feel I haven’t ‘done’ anything, I’ve just been living… Yeah, it’s probably the new job… 😆

So, I made a list of things I want to do this year, 30 things to be exact. Once a month I’ll look at my list and see if I achieved anything of that list. It’s not a task I can fail or something. I just want to have the feeling this year is special. I’ve been through a lot over the last few years and a lot of times I had the feeling other people dictated how I should live my life, this year will be about me and me taking control of my life… It may sound a bit ‘heavy’ or ‘melodramatic’, but it’s not.

1. Save at least a 1000 euro’s

I’ve never had a lot of savings, mostly because I didn’t have to money to save. I usually worked during the summer to save up enough money for the next year. So this year I’m going to set a goal for myself to save at least a 1000 euro’s on my personal saving account (I also have a savings account for unexpected bills and stuff like that). I’m hoping to save more of course, but I also have to think of my next goal.

2. Pay back my mom

When I started my ‘old’ job I needed a car but I didn’t have the money to buy one. So I had to borrow money from my mom to buy it. This year I’m planning on paying back my mom this loan. Not only because I hate owing my mom money, but also because I don’t want a loan for something that can break down or get wrecked like a car. If I don’t pay back this loan I can’t save for a new one and that would mean borrowing money again for a new one…

3. Take my parents out for dinner at a ‘fancy’ restaurant.

My parents have done so much for me over the last few years, not only financially, but also emotionally. Now that I’m finally getting on my feet again it’s time for me to do something back. So this year I’ll take my parents out for dinner to a fancy restaurant.

4.  Decorate my balcony 


Most of my house is staring to feel like home and apart from a few things and the next thing on my list my house is ‘done’. Of course, there are still things that I want to change, but that’s something I want, not something that needs to be done. But this year I want to make my balcony part of the ‘finished’ picture. By buying some cute stuff in hoping to turn my balcony into a corner of my house where I can sit and enjoy a book and drink.

5. Finish my bedroom

Same story as my balcony. My bedroom needs to get finished. I need a new closet for my clothing, a new bed and a much needed layer of paint/paper. I have loads of idea’s and they don’t have to be very expensive, but I want to get it done this year.

6. Visit a friend in Ireland

A few years ago a friend of mine moved to Ireland to live with his girlfriend. The relationship ended but he stayed in Ireland and has build a nice life for himself. He’s been back a few times for weekends, but I’ve never been there because of my financial status. This year I want to visit him and have a look at one of the most beautiful country’s of the world.

7. Start and finish a TV-show


This is an easy one, I’ve just started Dr. Who so I choose this series for this thing to do.

8. Attent a full reenactment event

I’ve only attended events for one day, because it takes up a lot of energy and I’m still collecting my gear. This year I want to attend at least one event for the whole weekend.

9. Finish a 30-day project


Last year I did ‘100 happy days’ and I kinda liked it. So this year I’m doing at least one 30-day challange. Doesn’t have to be something on FB/Instagram, could be something else as well. We’ll see what I can find.

10. Go to the ‘Efteling’.


The Efteling is one of the most awesome theme parks in the Netherlands and this year they opened a new roller coaster. So this year I’m going to visit The Efteling and ride that new roller coaster.

13. Go Raw-food for a week

I’ve been doing vegetarian/plantbased for a few years now, but I always like to set new challenges for myself. So this year I’ll go one week with just raw food. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it, because I really love warm food, but should be doable. Just have to make a good menu I guess….

14. Enter a Viking Run


A friend of mine had the most stupid idea in the world: Attend a Viking Run. And I had the most stupid idea: I’ll join. We haven’t figured out which one we’re going to do, but it’s a goal to work towards. So I have to set up a work-out plan and start training.

15. Do a day of volunteers work

Now that I feel my life is getting somewhere, it’s time to do something back: do (at least) one day of volunteers work. I might look into stuff in the town where I live, or see if we do something at work. Fields of interest: elderly of people with a mental disorder (down syndrome or something).

16. Dance in the rain

17. Unplug for 24 hours

We live in a world where we’re surrounded with phones, internet and tv. I’m going to do 24 hours without them. So turn of my phone, don’t watch any tv and just spend a day reading or doing something else.

18. Watch all Time Burton films


  1. The Fox and the Hound
  2. Tron (1982)
  3. The Black Cauldron
  4. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure
  5. Beetlejuice
  6. Batman (1989)
  7. Edward Scissorhads
  8. Singles
  9. Batman Returns
  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  11. Cabin Boy
  12. Ed Wood
  13. Batman Forever
  14. James and the Giant Peach
  15. Mars Attacks
  16. Sleepy Hollow
  17. Planet of the Apes (2001)
  18. Big Fish
  19. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  20. Corpse Bride
  21. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  22. Walking Sleeping Beauty
  23. 9
  24. Alice in Wonderland
  25. Dark Shadows
  26. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  27. Frankenweenie
  28. Big Eyes

19. Attend a sportsevent

I never attended a sports event before in my life. I planned on watching the start of the Tour de France because they would start in Utrecht. But since I moved I wasn’t able to watch. So this year I’m going to watch a game, maybe a soccer game or something.

20. Buy a lottery ticket

21. Do a road trip


We’re planning on attending a re-enactment event in Denmark and we’re going to drive there by care. Two drivers (a friend and me) so I will not have to do it alone. Should be fun.

22. Make a recipe book

I’m making all these posts and I want to combine my favourites in a book I could just put on the shelve and use it instead of having to use my phone or blog to use my recipes. Nothing fancy, probably just some sort of book you normally use for pictures or something.

23. Get at least 1 certificate at work

Since I’ll be starting a job in a field I have hardly any professional knowledge of I should invest in that by getting certificates. This year I’m planning on getting at least one certificate.

24. Do a photoshoot

I did a photoshoot a few years ago when I was a lot heavier. When I’m back on a weight I’m comfortable with I plan on doing a new photoshoot. So this post isn’t so much about the shoot itself, but getting back in shape and a weight I feel comfortable with.

25. Do a workshop

26. Read a classic novel

I’ve read a lot of books over the years, but I never really finished a classic. I found this list and I plan on reading at least one of those books.

27. Bake 10 different muffin recipes

28. Finish one year of ‘One Line a Day’

29. Get a new tattoo

I’ve got two tattoo’s already and I want a new one. The picture below shows the general idea of the tattoo except I want something in the black space. This tattoo shows  how my strugles made me the person I am today and how this has made me stronger. Still a work in progress though 😛


30. Make a vegan cheesecake