Yeah, it’s been kinda quiet in the reenactment department (except for the pretty box), this doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything, I just had nothing to show. But, I do now!!

So after my mom came back from her holiday we had a look at what I made and she was actually kind proud at me for getting this far on my own. She did take everything apart and put it back together but that had actually noting to to with my skills, but the fact that the patterns are completely wrong. It kinda felt like this:

So we cut of a ‘few’ (6) cm of the whole thing and my mom fixed the whole thing.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been spending a few Sundays finishing up. dress5


On the neckline, I first did a very tiny roll of the edge of the fabric and hand sewn it with a blanket stitch. After that I used a linnen yarn to make a nice border. So the first straight line in this pattern is used to cover up the bordering, the rest is pure decoration. I got the dress done last weekend, I’m really pleased with they way it turned out.



Then it was time to finish up the apron dress. The one that goes over the ‘bag’ as I’d like to call it 😛 I wanted something different for this one so I started looking at different stitches online. I found a reversed blanket stitch which I used on the top on the apron. It actually took me a good half an hour the figure out how to do it, because I couldn’t find instructions. But I finally worked it out. This isn’t the final yarn, this is used to sew leather together. But I didn’t have any proper yarn left, but I really wanted to get it finished because I have no idea if I have the energy for it because of my new job. I ordered some proper linen yarn online, so if I have some energy left I might do it again, but at least it’s finished.



I also got a nice leather belt when my re-enactment friends came over this weekend. So my first outfit is actually done. I still need a few trinkets, but I’m gonna buy those at the next event.


So.. ready for the end result??? TADAAA!!!



How awesome is this!! (yes, I cut of my head for this pic, because I look like a hobo atm).