Ok, it’s around 22:00 and I never thought I said this: is it Monday already? Not because it’s Monday, because…. Monday..

But tomorrow is my first day at the new job and I’m kinda getting excited now. I’ve over prepped I think. I’ve made my breakfast, lunch and snacks. I got a cooler bag at Ikea this week, so everything will be nice and cool when I get to work and will stay that way when I go to the other office in the afternoon for an introduction meeting…


And since I have no idea what to expect I’ve even packed my own tea (I don’t want to drink coffee all day. I’ve laid out my clothing, which was difficult because it will be around 30 degrees tomorrow, but I have no idea how hot it will be at the office…. I even thought about bringing my own laptop, but since I’m getting a ‘work laptop’ I don’t think I will need it and I just brought a notepad and pens…


I’m just glad to holidays are in full gear right now so it wont’ be that busy on the road tomorrow, this will give me a chance to get to know the route and find out what’s the best way to drive.