In my search to a greener life I found that it can be quite difficult to determine if a brand or store is ‘green’, via Instagram I found ‘Rank a Brand‘. This company aims to promote a economically, ecologically and socially sustainable and fair world (1). This way consumers can make greener choices, because (like I found out) it can be quite difficult te determine how green a company really is.

When you look on the website you can choose between a number of categories, from clothing to electricity.


Every brand has a score which is based on a list of 10 tot 30 questions based on ‘best practices’ (2) which can only be answered with yes, no or ?. R-a-B only used information you can find on the website yourself, because you can only make a choice based on that info. After that they verify the info they find with organisations that hand out labels and memberships of  Multi Stake Holder initiatives like FWF, ETI, Made-By, EICC and GOTS(3). Based on the outcome of that list a score is determined, with the 75-100% score being a brand you should totally buy and a 0-15% score is a brand you shouldn’t waste your money on.



What I really like about R-a-B is that you can actually see/read what the score is based on. For me this is very important because I’ve always been told that you need to post your sources when stating a claim.

For instance: Apple, they score a ‘C’, which mean they could do better. If you click at the score rapport you can see the questions, the answers and the source. Click here for the rapport.rankabrand4

If you look at the scores you can see Apple does well at ‘Climate Change/ Carbon Emissions’ and ‘Labour Conditions/ Fair Trade’, but don’t score that well at ‘Environmental Policy’. This way you can make a choice based on what you find important.




I think it’s quite a usefull site and it actually did help a bit when I was shopping for new clothing and shows I’m on the right path as well. I think I might use this website when I’m going to search for new stuff for my house.