When I wanted to lose weights I started out like everyone else, I did a load of cardio and after that something that resembled lifting weights: machines, high amount or reps and low weights. Because I thought I couldn’t do the hight weights. A lot of woman also think lifting weights will make you bulky. But after a few Bodypump-classes and a tip from my physiotherapist I started lifting weights and I fell in love…


Instead of getting bulky, I got lean and I got a ‘nice ass’ 😛

So these are my reasons woman should lift weights!

When you do heavy lifting (for me 8-10 reps at 80% of my max) you get muscle growth which leads to muscle tone and definition. So you get pretty nice arms, legs and core which makes you look good in your pretty summer dress or that sexy black dress.

A lean body also makes you look healthier and it will give you confident. And apparently, why you look healthy and confident, people will find you more attractive which is good if you want to make a career, since attractive people make more money

Lifting weights also means your burning more calories, even after you’re done with your workout.  For instance: If I wasn’t doing any exercise I would need about 1591 kcal a day. If I do 1-3 workouts a week I would need  about 1823 and if I was to do 3-5 workouts at week I would need about 2055. That is a whole meal extra a day, just because your body needs the extra calories to re-build you muscles. When I was still doing heavy lifting this was a ‘snack’.

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.31.51
(200 ml of greek yogurt, 1 crushed oatmeal cookie, an apple and a banana).

Also I noticed my posture improved when I was lifting heavy, because my muscles where stronger I was standing up straight and this added to my confidence and my self-images. I got pretty curves which made my clothing look better on my = more confidence = better posture. It’s pretty much a positive spiral people!

Lifting weights also does wonders for your bones, it increases bone density. And this decrease the risk of fractures and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a decease very common for woman, because of our hormonal cycle decreasing hormon levels when we enter menopauze.  Studies show that adults over the age 80 who do weight-bearing programs can significantly increase bone density (1)(2). When I was still working in elderly care I met a lot of woman who had broken their hips after a fall. So more reason to take care of your body!



Even though I often felt like the picture after a good legday, I always went back. No matter how tired I was, or how bad my day was I always went for ‘a short workout’, which normally just became a normal workout. After a work out I would have loads of energy, both physically and mentally. With every benchpress/squat/deadlift I would feel the stress of the day drip op my body. I would also feel so good about myself, instead of just sitting in front of the tv I actually achieved something positive!

When I entered the ‘weight room’ for the first time I felt totally out of place, I was surrounded with guys and some where lifting weights I could only dream about or have arms the size of my legs. But they don’t care! They just thought it was awesome a girl came in to lift and often gave my loads of good tips and I had some of the best conversations during workouts. Another plus, they didn’t give a **** about how I looked. Because yeah, you don’t look like a freaking model when you lift, you’re sweating  dripping awesomeness, and your hair is a mess, but remember:


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