Hmmmm… this post was supposed to be up this friday, but somewhere I forgot to schedule it. So I’m putting it up today instead.

Last Sunday I was nominated by the lovely Daisy9979 for this award. Thank you for this nomination. I agree, I think we are lost sisters. It’s nice having someone in my life (even though it’s online) that I feel goes through the same stuff, it makes me feel less crazy about some stuff in my life. So I found some time to answer her questions 😀

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If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

I would love to live in a country that would able me to do the stuff I’m doing now, but with a better climate. Really, I function best between 25-30 degrees. We get those temperatures here in the Netherlands, except they usually come hand in hand with humid weather…

If you could have a celebrity roommate, who would you choose and why?

I would want Mayim Bialik (Amy from Big Bang Theorie). Why? Because she’s super smart (PhD in Neuroscience), super sexy (yes, I think I can say that) and no one can rock a cardigan like she can 😛 


What’s something you’re looking forward to doing this week?

(This already happend, but I’m keeping it) I’m doing a re-enactment even again this Saturday. Really looking forward to that. I’ll post on this somewhere next week 😛

What is your favorite animal?

Pinguins!!! I love them!!!

Coffee, or tea, or both?  Favorite type?

Coffee and tea… I drink loads of tea at work because I don’t want to drink coffee all day, my favourite tea’s right now are apple and chai. My favourite coffee is just black.

3 other bloggers

The lovely Miurahh, love you rambles…



  • What book do you think I should read and why?
  • Cookies of cupcakes?
  • What’s your favourite item of clothing and why?
  • What’s your favourite kind of food?
  • What reason did you have to start blogging?