So last weekend I did another re-enactment event. This weekend was Vikingmarket in Archeon. Because my brother and me coudn’t get that much time we where only able to go saturday. Again, an amazing day and I learned something new 😀

When I picked up my brother he was already in his ‘gear’ (I didn’t because I had to drive). This was actually really funny when we got to the ATM. This guy was looking at my brother like he was an alien and I was laughing my ass off in the car because of the look at the guys face.

When we arrived it was time to spend money!! During my first event I was wearing wooden shoes, but:
1. Wooden shoes suck
2. Wooden shoes aren’t really authentic (for the timeperiod that is)
So we got some really nice leather shoes…. I don’t think I’ve ever spend that much on shoes. Mine cost me 140 euro’s, but then again they will probably last me for a good few years. I also got a few beads that I will atach to my dress and two brass rings that will be turned into earrings by a friend of mine who’s studying to be a goldsmith.


Around 11:30 it was time for the first demo of the day. And this is where I came out of the box: I’m going to fight!!!
Most girls I’ve met are sticking to ‘household’, this means they take care of food and do some crafts like needlework, needlebinding and card weaving. Not really my thing because I need to DO something otherwise I go crazy. When I saw the guys (and girls) in the ‘fighting pit’ I realised this is what I want to do. This was confirmed later that day when we where taking a walk across the market and I got my hand on a nice light ax. Apparantly I started smiling like a crazy person.

I’ll start by using my brothers first weapon, meet Gonzo (named after the muppet, I know you can see why)


Around 18:00 we left again and sunday it was time to relax and trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I’ll be fighting at some point! It does mean I have to buy loads of new stuff and I need an extra set of clothing.

We did decide that we’ll be attending the full Easter-event. We might even get some fighting in my then (no demo’s, I need at least 1 year of training for that).