Now that I’m at the new job it’s time to do the math on how I’m dealing with it 😀 I still loving the new job, I’m learning loads of new things and I’m getting tasks because my ‘manager’ knows I can do them. This is great for my self-esteem!!

I don’t see myself doing this job for 5 years or something, but I think I’m really showing myself in the company and this way I’ll hopefully be able to climb within the company. This will probably be expected of me anyways since this is this a position that’s below my ‘skill-level’ (I hate using that work, because I don’t feel like I’m better then my co-workers just because I have a higher level of education).

But I do notice that sometimes my ADHD, my perfectionism and my insecurity get in the way. So I’ve been looking for some tips & tricks so I can deal with the every day stuff at day better.

First I should start with stuff I should NOT be doing. I don’t see myself as a ADHD-person, I just happen to have it, but I can’t deny it effects me.

Do’s and don’s 

  1. I should not try to work harder just to compensate. Some things just take longer and I have to except that. On the other hand I see things in a different way and my wandering mind has already given me some idea’s on how to improve certain tasks at work which have gotten a very positive response
  2. Try and do it all. I can’t do everything! Nobody is doing that and if I try and do that I will probably burn out and get sick. I know I should not do a task that requires my fresh mind at the end of the day. I start early (7:30) so I can get some of the more ‘focused-requered’-tasks done before my co-workers come in.
  3. Not write down new stuff I need to learn. All of my co-workers learn by show and tell, so they tried to put my behind the computer and tell me how to do it because that’s how they feel you learn best. I learn best by watching somebody else do it, write down the steps I have to take and after that follow those steps. This way I can ask for help if I fail at a step and not have somebody sit next to me for hours (or the other way around). Downside to this approach, my co-workers thought I couldn’t handle the new stuff because I kept sending them away, even though I told them WHY I did that.

Tips and Tricks


  1. Keep a clean desk. On my desk I have my laptop, 2nd screen, mouse and keyboard and I still like using a notepad to write things down and I often feel like my desk is already as full as it needs to be. So I keep my pens and other office supply’s in a cabinet under my desk and only take them out when I need to. If I don’t use a glass/cup I store it in that cabinet as well and take it away at the end of the day. This way my desk stays clean and I keep my head clear as well.
  2. Eat healthy! Yes, It’s getting boring but I’m still keeping my diet as clean as I can. My co-workers eat candy, drinks soda’s and eat fried food during the lunch. But I still bring my own food (including snacks) to work. By eating every few hours I keep my focus up (no after dinner dips) and my brain gets enough energy during the day.
  3. Get some exercise during the day. I work on the 5th floor and only use the elevator in the morning. If I go down for lunch I take the stairs up and down and I also take the stairs at the end of the day. During the day I try to get a new bottle of water or cup of tea at least once an hour (I have a large bottle). This way I can get my mind out of work and the screen which helps me focus beter after that.
  4. Work in a different space. Since I work in a larger office and when we’re all there it’s the 6 of us in one room it can sometimes be hard to focus on stuff that needs to be done. If I don’t have to answer the phone I sometimes choose to work in a different room. That way I can focus on my work and not be distracted by everything that happens around me.
  5. Make lists. I have made a task list in Outlook and when I have something to do I keep a track of what I’m doing. So every task has been broken down into subtasks and once I have completed a subtask I cross it out. It also gives me a positive feeling about getting stuff done.ADHDatwork3
  6. Don’t use Social Media at work. I’m not logged into FB/Twitter/Instagram or anything else at work. Sometimes I use my phone if I need to clear my mind, but that’s only for a few seconds or so because I don’t like looking at my phone screen.