When I started my ‘journey’ to a more minimalistic wardrobe I didn’t know what to expect. I thought getting rid of clothing and limiting myself to only getting a certain amount of clothing would make me feel like I would have nothing to wear. But I realised it’s actually quite the opposite (so far that is). By buying stuff that matches with everything I have in my wardrobe I’m able to create a huge amount of outfits without feeling I’m wearing the same thing. Yes, this means I’m mostly wearing black and white (with some color) but that’s actually the beauty of this whole thing. By limiting myself I’m being creative with what I have and I’m coming up with loads of new options.

I also feel like by dressing this way I’m showing a more professional look then if I was to wear all my different outfits. And like my ‘better half’ says, it’s better to overdress and look professional then to underdress and look like you’re not taking your job serious. And since I want to use my current job as a jump to a better career this is the look I want to show.

I still have some items of the ‘must buy’ list that I need, but I also think I’m paying more attention to the ‘fashion items’ I get to buy. Not only because I’m only ‘allowed’ to buy 10 a year, but that stuff I buy needs to integrate with what I already have. Instead of just buying whatever I though I would need I’m actually buying what I really need. And yes, that makes me happy!