So another month has gone by, so another update :D. I’ve started a lot of things, so I’m happy about that. So let’s see what I’ve done this month 😛

1. Save at least a 1000 euro’s

I have 3 savings accounts:

  1. General saving (holiday, replacing stuff in my house)
  2. Reservations (local- and car taxes, medical bills)
  3. Car loan

Every month I will automatically transfer money to all 3 of this accounts. For this goal I’m only counting the first account, since the other onces have different goals and will probably fluctuate a lot. With my plan I will probably save more then this goal, but that’s even better 🙂

2. Pay back my mom

I’ve set up a 3rd savings account to which I will transfer my travel budget I get from work + some money from my normal salary. If I fill up my tank I will withdraw it from this account. Whatever is left by the end of the month + the stuff I save will be transferred to my mom to pay her back from my car loan. When I payed back my mom I wil keep this account + the way I save so I can save for maintenance and at some point a ‘new’ car. The one I have now is nearly 15 years old, it’s in great condition and only has 150.000 on the odometer, but I will need to replace it at some point and I will need money for that because I don’t want to borrow money for something like a car.

3. Take my parents out for dinner at a ‘fancy’ restaurant.

Yay! We’re doing this as well. We’ll be going to a little place called Le Bouleau (Dutch site). We had dinner there when my moms partner turned 60. We where with 11 people and sat at a round table, which was amazing, you could talk to everyone and no one had to feel left out. It’s the kind of place that matched the wine with the meal and even though portions are small you don’t leave feeling you could eat something from the ‘Yellow M’. Since my brother and me are splitting the bill we’re doing the 5 course menu. Can’t wait!!!

4.  Decorate my balcony 

5. Finish my bedroom

6. Visit a friend in Ireland

7. Start and finish a TV-show

I just finished Dr. Who on Netflix up until series 8. I liked it, but I’m not in love with it. I dunno, being able to sacrifice yourself and then ‘just’ regenerate… Dunno, it’s just not doing it for me. I don’t mind unrealistic shows, I mean I like Arrow and The Flash.. but I’m just not getting what the fuss is all about.

8. Attent a full reenactment event

This will probably not happen in 2015, since my brother and me still need some stuff (like a tent 😛 ). But we’re aiming to attent a full event at easter!

9. Finish a 30-day project

I sort of finished this, This was actually harder then I thought, I wasn’t always able to take a matching picture. The last week I mist a few because work was crazy and I was just really tired. But since this is how I do everything these days 😦 I say I made it.

Update 1
Update 2 (I missed one day 😦 )
Update 3
Update 4

10. Go to the ‘Efteling’.

13. Go Raw-food for a week

I’m sort of starting this one by collecting recipes. I really want to do this right, so with all the nutrients and calories I have in my normal diet, since I’m not doing this to lose weight or something. So I’m going to make a meal plan before I’m getting started.

14. Enter a Viking Run

15. Do a day of volunteers work

16. Dance in the rain

It wasn’t really a dance, more like a little shuffle. But I think it counts… (to this song btw, don’t judge please, this kind of music is a guilty pleasure 😛 )

17. Unplug for 24 hours

18. Watch all Tim Burton films

  1. The Fox and the Hound
  2. Tron (1982)
  3. The Black Cauldron
  4. Pee-wee’s Big Adventure
  5. Beetlejuice
  6. Batman (1989)
  7. Edward Scissorhads
  8. Singles
  9. Batman Returns
  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas
  11. Cabin Boy
  12. Ed Wood
  13. Batman Forever
  14. James and the Giant Peach
  15. Mars Attacks
  16. Sleepy Hollow
  17. Planet of the Apes (2001)
  18. Big Fish
  19. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  20. Corpse Bride
  21. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  22. 9
  23. Alice in Wonderland
  24. Dark Shadows
  25. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  26. Frankenweenie
  27. Big Eyes

19. Attend a sportsevent

20. Buy a lottery ticket

21. Do a road trip

22. Make a recipe book

Yeah! I’m totally doing this! I finished 5 different recipes so far and I still have a few planned. Then I have to finish writing the whole thing. I’m planning to ‘release’ around February…

23. Get at least 1 certificate at work

I’ve started doing some home studying for ITIL, but right now I’m still learning so many new things at work. It’s super exciting and I’m already doing things I never saw myself doing and I’m even understanding some things I thought where ‘jibberjabish’ two months ago.

24. Do a photoshoot

25. Do a workshop

26. Read a classic novel

27. Bake 10 different muffin recipes

  1. Lovers Banana/toffe-muffins

28. Finish one year of ‘One Line a Day’

29. Get a new tattoo

I’m actually thinking about changing this one. When I started this ‘project’ I really wanted that tattoo, because I think I wanted it for the wrong reasons. Not sure though, and I still have no idea of what to replace it with. So it’s sticking around for now 🙂

30. Make a vegan cheesecake