Today I had a little leftover migraine so I worked from home today. I thought it would be difficult focussing on what I was supposed to be doing or that I would raid the fridge any chance I’d get. So I approached this day like a normal workday. So I made my breakfast, put my normal snacks on the countertop and even had my tea in my travelmug 😛 But I’ll write about that in a different post.

But, working from home meant I didn’t have to bring my lunch and since the weather sucked I felt like soup around lunch. But I knew that if I was to go to the supermarket I was afraid I would get out of my flow and not get back to work. So I came up with this quick soup which I had with some smokey tempeh and a naan.

What do you need? (1 serving)easytomatosoup1

  • 1 can of tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 60 gr. of ‘bacon
  • 1/4 cube of vegetable broth
  • spices of choice (Ii used oregano/basil/paprika/garlic/kurkurma)
  • 2 hands of spinach, cut to pieces
  • 1 naan


Put the tomatoes, spices, water and vegetable broth together in a pan and bring to a boil, after that turn down the heat and let it simmer until it starts to thicken and turnes into soup 😀 . I added some spinach at the end because i has some left over and it was about to go bad. I cut it up and added it to the soup.


While you wait for your soup to finish up, fry the ‘bacon’ and heat up the naan (or any other kind of bread) in the oven. Pour the soup in a bowl, add the ‘bacon’ and finish off with some more spices like fresh basil.