Normally I use these posts to give an update on what I achieved this month from my list. But I wanted to tell something about one of the things on the list. Because it was a wonderful experience and I want to keep this memory on a permanent place and what better place then the internet, because the internet saves everything 😛

3. Take my parents out for dinner at a ‘fancy’ restaurant.

I put this on my list because I’m aware that my parents and brother have done a great deal for me over the last few years, not only financially but also emotionally. Especially during the period when I was working at my last job and I was emotionally drained. So I wanted to thank them in a way that wouldn’t be material, but taking them out for dinner seemed like a great idea. With fancy I don’t mean a michelin star restaurant, but just a nice restaurant.


In the city where my parents and brother live there is a restaurant called ‘Le Boileau’.  The restaurant is located on an awesome location in the woods. Near the restaurant is the ‘cheaper’ location called called ‘The Birch’ . If you’ve taken any french in school you know both restaurants have the same name, but one is in French.

I made a reservation about 1,5 months ago and went for the 4 course ‘surprise-menu’, the only thing you have to choose between is if you want fish or meat. Since I don’t eat fish or meat I asked them if it was possible to have a vegan menu, and they actually saw it as a challenge to come up with a completely vegan menu for me.

When we arrived we where seated in the conservatory which is actually the best part of the restaurant because it’s most spacious. My mom choose the fish and my brother and stepdad went for meat (duh). My stepdad and me also took the wine pairing for the menu. As expected the food was amazing! The only reason this post isn’t filled with pictures of my food is because it’s just rude to take pictures in a restaurant like this and it also felt wrong. I was really surprised about the vegan menu they made for me. They did say it helped a lot that I told them upfront because that gives them more time to come up with something good. They came up with the most awesome dishes in combinations I would never think of myself and everything just paired up perfectly with the wine.

Because they only ‘sell’ the table once a night you don’t feel like you have to eat really fast and you can’t enjoy your food. The time between all the courses is just long enough, and you also get a nice appetiser and spoom between the courses. We spend almost 4 hours in the restaurant and we had great conversations about loads of topics. I could see that my mom was really happy about where we are now, since I knew she worried a lot about us over the last few years.

After a cup of coffee it was time to pay the bill. Although it was my idea to take them out, my brother and me split the bill. Which was actually lower then I expected, but totally worth the money..