This is actually more of a part 4.5 then a part 5. This post will be about two examples of things I wanted to buy over the last period and how I decided on if I wanted to buy them.

One was a dress @ Zara and the other a bottle of Snow Fairy.



Let’s start with the dress. If you may remember I was still allowed to buy 5 items of clothing this year, you may also remember I have a hard time actually buying something because of that restriction. I want to buy the ‘right’ items. About a month ago I saw this dress on the website. It caught my eye the moment I saw it and really had to control my impulsed. For one, I didn’t have the money for it at the time, and two, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting because I felt bad about myself that day. So I clicked away the site and went on with my day. After a week or two I felt like wearing a dress to work, but the only dress I own that I think is wearable for work is a tight dress and I didn’t feel like wearing something that tight to my skin. So the dress popped back into my mind. So I want back to the website thinking it would be gone, but it was still there!!! I could actually see myself wearing that dress, so I put my questions to use.

I mentally went through my closet thinking if I had 3 items that could go with this dress. I have a pair of similar black boots. But, it’s a sleeveless dress and it’s not exactly summer anymore. But I have a cute jeans jacket I could wear with this for a casual look or a nice black jacket for a more dressed up look. The dress doesn’t come with the belt, but I can get one later if I feel like it needs it. This also answers the question if it works with stuff I have, because I don’t NEED to buy something. Buying the belt would be optional. After that I asked myself if the price had something to do with me buying the dress. It’s not on sale, but it’s 50 euro’s which is quite a lot for a dress. But I couldn’t find a cheaper dress that made me feel the same way. I would be buying this dress to wear to work or even to wear it while going out. It’s not like I’m buying a long black evening gown for a party I might attend at some point. This is also a dress I could wear to a wedding (I expect to attend at least 1 next year). I even asked a (male) friend if I should get it, and he actually asked me the most important question: would buying this make me happy?

Conclusion: It’s in my closet now!! I love it!!!

Bottle of Snow Fairy

I LOVE Lush and I really LOVE Snow Fairy. It’s a limited item and they only sell it around this time of year. So when I was in Antwerp and well, you can’t really miss a Lush store. I instantly reminded it was that time of year and I almost ran into the store. But just before I did I stopped and asked myself why I wanted to get the Snow Fairy. I bought a small bottle in Berlin last year and I just finished it the week before. So I asked myself if I really needed this. I don’t really need it, I have about 3 bottles of shower gel and like I said I only finished the Snow Fairy the week before. I would mostly be getting it because it’s available for a short time and I’ve been buying it for a couple of years now. Then I thought about why I wasn’t using it that much anymore and it’s because of the smell. It’s super sweet and although I love sweet perfumes in my showgels I would mix this up with a neutral smelling shower gel because it’s so overwhelming. I felt like I outgrown the perfume of Snow Fairy.

Conclusion: No Snow Fairy