Yeah, it’s that time of year again: Christmas… We’re not big on the whole christmas thing in my family. Most of the time we go to the movies (this year we’re doing Star Wars), do something easy and hang out a bit. Really, no dressing up or anything. So around this time my mom asks what we want for christmas. I never really know what to ask, because it’s either to ‘big’ to ask for christmas or I already bought it myself.

So I went looking online and found something I think anyone could enjoy.

Bento Lunchox by Lunchbox  


I have a lunchbox, but it’s made out of plastic. But the downside to that lunchbox is that plastic isn’t that easy to clean well so the white is turning a bit red from all the paprika’s and tomatoes I put in. This lunchbox is made out of 18/8 food grade steel which I think it will make it easier to clean. Yes, 28 euro’s might be a bit expensive for a lunchbox, but I use it every day, so I think it’s worth it.

Alternative @ Amazon

Hot&Tot – Regina and Materia


These handmade watches are made out of maple wood. Because the strap is made out of wood it’s easy to adjust the size. Not only does this watch looks awesome, the company does something awesome to. If you buy a watch they will plant a tree in your name through the foundation Trees For All

Itty Ritzy Snack bags  


Reusable, washable bags for snack, sandwiches, fruits or even bring them on the plane. A great alternative for a box or plastic bags. BPA, lead and PVC-free!


The Creativity Hub Rory’s Story Cubes


This is a gift I think is both fun and educational. You can come up with a cool story, boost your kids creativity and imagination, but also improve vocabulary skills. With every roll of the dice you get to tell a new part of the story!!

Beard oil


What happens when you wash your hair to much? Well, this happens to a beard as well. When I look at my brothers beard it can look a bit dry every once in a while. So when I was looking for ideas and I ran into this, this was perfect. By keeping your beard healthy, he’ll be able to grow a nice viking beard.

Colouring Book


My mom is really into colouring atm. You should see her sitting on the sofa with her Brada-laptopstand and a big ass light on the side of the sofa. She always puts a lot of effort in her colouring, with shading and everything. So the would be perfect for her.


I love gift that add to fun memory’s, what makes you happy. So stuff like a subscription to a fun theme park, a giftcard for ones favourite store (but better wrapped).