After making the Pasta with Red Pesto I sort of fell in love again with warm cherry tomatoes. TBH, I love cherry tomatoes… really, I can buy one of those buckets with 500 gr. of those baby’s and eat them like crisps.
First I planned on making a one pot pasta, but for some reason boiling mushrooms sound to much like mushroom soup, and I HATE mushroom soup…
This is still a super easy meal to make. I made it the other day after a long day at work  and I think I made this under 20 minutes (with cooking water for the pasta). I would have used some vegetable broth to cook the pasta in instead of water, because neither mushrooms or cherry tomatoes pack a whole lot of flavour, but I just added a load of hot sauce. For some reason I was craving hot sauce with my tomatoes 😛

What do you need (2 servings)ArugulaaMushroompasta1
  • red onion
  • 250 gr. of mushrooms
  • 250 gr. of cherry tomatoes
  • 75 gr. of arugula, cut into bits
  • 4 tablespoons of vegan cooking cream (I used a rice based)
  • fresh basil
  • garlic, pepper, paprika
  • pasta
  • Vegan grated cheese
Cook pasta according to the directions on the package. While the pasta is cooking, cut mushrooms, onion, tomatoes and arugula into bits.
I think this is one of the best combinations ever!! Heat some oil in a pan and bake the onion and mushrooms until they’ve gotten a little brown and the onion has turned soft. Add the cooking cream and add the spices.
Add the arugula and heat for a few seconds to let the ‘pepper’-flavour out. Add the pasta and just before you are ready to have dinner, add the tomatoes and fresh basil. Your tomatoes need to be a little warm, but not turn into ‘soup’. Finish of with some grated cheese…