This is how the last 2 days felt to me. After being part of one big problem I seem to have ended up in another situation I have no idea on how to handle it (in a good way). Yesterday I was having lunch with one of our service managers. He asked how my new manager was handeling things. I told him there are a lot of changes and that I feel it’s a good thing.

We ended up talking about things I would like to see happen and I told him that I would like to have an test envoirement available to learn things instead of having to rely on my awesome co-workers or certain incidents. After lunch he dug up an e-mail with a similar suggestion made by one of the consultants little over a year ago.

Today the small seed of my idea exploded in my face like one of those enormous Canadian trees and I was made projectleader for this project. It still hasn’t quite landed in my mind of what this means and yes.. I cried when I was driving home. 6 months ago I was in the same situation, crying in my car… but now it was from sheer happiness and not knowing how to handle all this positive energy. Today starts my 5th month at my new job and starting this job I couldn’t have imagined being in this situation and being given the chance to play a part in these amazing things and learning so much. The sky really is the limit… I don’t now if I’ll be able to sleep toning, I’m gonna start writing a plan for this whole project tomorrow.

*bounce bounce*