Most of these post have been about how I do or do not buy stuff. Which actually funny because because I was hoping by decluttering I would actually save money. Not that it didn’t happen, because decluttering has made me think about buying things and I have been buying a lot less stuff. Except for tea, for some reason I’ve been buying loads of tea….

Anyhow, this post will be about how decluttering also makes me think about the stuff that I already own and the need to replace them. And how I’ve decided to give up on some more items.

The black blazer

unexpectedsideeffect5I own a awesome black blazer, I bought it on sale about 2 years ago (30 euro’s instead of 60) and I wear it a lot. The only downside to this blazer: you had to take it to the dry cleaner. But, I never wear in with a sleeveless shirt, always leave it out to ‘breathe’ after wearing it and I would sometimes hang in the shower when I was in it and after that it would be fresh again. Every 3-4 months I would bring it to the dry cleaners. In the city where I lived when I was still in school the dry cleaner was cheap (7 euro’s) and it was around the corner. In the town where I live now, the dry cleaner wanted to charge me 12 euro’s and it would mean an extra trip into the shopping centre and that would mean I wouldn’t be able to pick it up a week later. Then I checked my washing machine and I realised it had a setting called ‘hand wash’ and I was able to turn of the ‘centrifuging’-option. So I put the blazer in (without anything else), a tiny bit of detergent for hand wash and turned of the ‘centrifuging’-option. 30 minutes I took out a soaking wet blazer, I put it on a wooden hanger with round edges and left it to dry in the shower. I couldn’t leave it anywhere else because it was dripping like crazy. But the blazer was clean and it wasn’t ruined…

Saved: 7-12 euro’s

Black pants

As a part of building my wardrobe I bought a black pair of pants at Mango, I spend about 50 euro’s on this pair because I was hoping it would last me longer. Since I have an office job now my clothing doesn’t really get dirty so I don’t wash my pants that often, maybe one of twice a month. But even though I used special detergent for black clothing the seams on the black pants would get ‘greyish’. But instead of trowing this pair out and buy a cheap pair I went out to buy some fabric paint and decided I couldn’t ruin it even more. I bought the kind you can use with cold water. So I soaked the black pants in my kitchen sink and stir it every once in a while with my huge wooden spoon. The only mistake I made was that I pulled out the stopper while stirring and without thinking I put my hand in and put it back. Oops…. But my pants are black again, except next time would get the kind you put in the washing machine. I used that kind before and I feel that gives a better result. But hey, money saved.

Saved: 40 euro’s 






Cooker Hoodfilterunexpectedsideeffect7

I was cleaning my kitchen and cleaned my cooker hood, it contains a filter which was brown and it smelled. Because I had already gone to the city centre that day for my grocery shopping I didn’t feel like going back again and spending 10 euro’s on a new filter. So I looked on the internet and found tips on how to clean them yourself by using soda. I still had a bag of the stuff because I use it to clean my washing machine every once in a while. So I filled up a bucket with hot water and half a bag of soda and left it to soak. After about 30 minutes the water was icky brown but my filter was nice and white again. It still has some oily stains on them, but I doubt I would get those out using that method. I might buy a new one at some point, but for now I saved a few euro’s.

Saved: 9,30 euro’s