So we get 2 days of Christmas here, but since it’s Saturday it doesn’t really matter that much. But still, one more day to spend with the people I love doing the things I love. Yesterday I made my family dinner and I believe it was a great succes. I made this (which I finished off with a caramelised layer of apple/pear-jam), served with 2 types of veggies and roasted potatoes. Today I’m heaving friends over and I’m making them ‘Belgium’ stew with fries and red cabbage.

With New Years eve coming up this is almost the end of 2015, so also the last ’30 things when I’m 30 update for this year. I’m actually quite pleased with what I achieved this year and what I’mm doing to do next year. I did make one small change in my list. Since I’m taking my Viking Reenactment to the next level and I’m going to be fighting, this also means I’m going to train for it. I aim to attend at least 4 times in 2016 (I can go every week if I want, but I’m nog sure how I’m going to combine it with work and all the other things. I have a post coming up about that, but I still need to finish it.

So now it’s time to get my stuff together, pick up my brother and drive home for another day of happiness. Have a great day guys!!!

1. Save at least a 1000 euro’s

On going, saving is hard when you have large bills…. But since I save a steady amount every month it’s ok when I have to transfer something back, because I always save something even when I have to pay something. If I combine the balance on all my savings accounts together I already made it to a 1000. But I’m aiming for at least a 1000 on my main savings account, and I’m already halfway there!!

2. Pay back my mom

I just made the last payment of the repair bill of my car (instead of paying two terms) so now I can start saving to pay her back. Aiming to pay her back within 6 months, so I should be able to just pay her back before my 31st birthday, otherwise I’ll take out some money from one of my other savings accounts, because I really want to pay her back as soon as possible.

3. Take my parents out for dinner at a ‘fancy’ restaurant.


We had an amazing night out on november 14th, read about it here..

4.  Decorate my balcony 

Still on-going, but hey, it’s autumn/winter now, who’s gonna decorate outside during the ‘coldest’ period of the year.

5. Finish my bedroom

I have bought some stuff, picked out the paint I want (well, for one wall that is). Now I need to convince my parents that they’ll come over and help me out. Because there is no way that I can do this on my own.

6. Visit a friend in Ireland

7. Start and finish a TV-show

8. Attent a full reenactment event

This will probably not happen in 2015, since my brother and me still need some stuff (like a tent 😛 ). But we’re aiming to attent a full event at easter!

9. Finish a 30-day project

10. Go to the ‘Efteling’.

13. Go Raw-food for a week

I’m sort of starting this one by collecting recipes. I really want to do this right, so with all the nutrients and calories I have in my normal diet, since I’m not doing this to lose weight or something. So I’m going to make a meal plan before I’m getting started.

14. Enter a Viking Run

15. Do a day of volunteers work

16. Dance in the rain

It wasn’t really a dance, more like a little shuffle. But I think it counts… (to this song btw, don’t judge please, this kind of music is a guilty pleasure 😛 )

17. Unplug for 24 hours

After reading this post, I realised I really need to do this soon.


With everything that’s been going on the last few weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time watching tv-shows, surfing around on the internet and doing ‘brainless’ activity’s. I was overthinking this whole thing to much, about things I was going to do and how I was going to replace the tv/laptop… I should just do it!

18. Watch all Tim Burton films

19. Attend at leat 4 viking trainings. 

20. Buy a lottery ticket

I bought a lottery ticket for New Years eve, well actually I bought half a ticket, because spending 15 euro’s is more then enough.. The jackpot is 30 million euro’s and with my ticket I could win half.


21. Do a road trip

22. Make a recipe book

Still ongoing… But I’m just to busy to finish it. But it’s something that I really want to do, so my goal is to make some time for in the near future. Might combine it with my ‘unplug for one day’-day. I know I want to bake some stuff for the book, so it has to happen at some point.

23. Get at least 1 certificate at work

With all that’s been going on at work I’ve made little progress with my ITIL. But I’m nearly halfway through the book. Because of the stuff I’m doing at home I’m also planning to get my PRINCE2 certification. I always loved doing projects, and I think this is something I’m really good at and I might want to do more with in the future.

Although I’m sort of considering this sort of done, because I’ve been learning so much and I’ve been given a chance to do some amazing things.  I’ve been doing some small projects and someone even ‘dumped’ the roll of ‘projectmanager’ for one of those projects. I’m so happy with this job, I’ve only been here for 6 months and I’ve done things I never thought I would or could do. No certificate compensates for that!!! So that’s why I’ve crossed this one out halfway, because it’s not done until it’s really done.

24. Do a photoshoot

25. Do a workshop

26. Read a classic novel

Since I was sick this week and tv/internet gets boring after 2 days I read Pride and Prejudice. For me it’s a classic which I started a few times but never finished it. Now I did!!

27. Bake 10 different muffin recipes

  1. Lovers Banana/toffe-muffins
  2. Pandan muffins
  3. Mango Muffins

28. Finish one year of ‘One Line a Day’

I may not have written every day, but I’ve been writing about every day so far. It actually helps that it’s only one line a day. It makes sure you focus on things you’ve learned or happy stuff that happens instead of going on and on about bad stuff

29. Get a new tattoo

A few weeks ago I had ‘my boys’ over for dinner. And all of the sudden I got an idea for a tattoo. It’s going to be ‘viking’-themed and it will be ‘hand poked’. I’ve set a date for the 23th of January. And the most awesome thing is: my brother might get the same one!! Since this tattoo represents the bond I have with my mom and brother this makes it extra special!!

30. Make a vegan cheesecake

Vegan cheesecake = done!