Last week was sort of crazy so I totally forgot to share this happy news with you: I’m getting my contract extended!!! My first contract was for 7 months and was suppost to end at february 29th. Last week my line-manager told me my contract was getting renewed for another 8 months!! Happy me!!

Here, we get a max of 3 contracts or 2 years. But if I continue to improve myself and show I can get the job done I’m getting a permanent contract at the end of this one.

Although I still have an performance appraisal on the 18th I already heard I’m going to attend a communication course. Which is great, because that’s something I want to do as well. I notice I’m still feeling a bit shakey at the phone every now and then, which is mainly caused my my lack of knowledge but also because I never learned it. I’m starting out with a 1-day course but I also have the option of doing a 3-day course.

I did have a talk with my operations manager about how I feel about work. We spoke about how I sometimes feel in the group (the way I aproach things differs a lot from my co-workers) and the fact that I’m already looking at other jobs withing the company. I don’t want to leave the company, because I really like the company, but the job I’m doing now is a position I don’t see myself doing for years. But for now: yay for a contract and new options!!