Urgh, I hate this laptop. It’s slow and it doesn’r run about 90% of the software I use including Photoshop, and webbased stuff doens’t work that well, so sorry for the lack of food posts, but most pics needs ‘some’ alternation before being able to post. I used these for now, but I’ll replace them as soon as I get my beloved Air fixed..

A few weeks ago I watched the documentary: “The Search For General Tso” on Netflix. This dish is believed to be named after General Tso Tsung-Tang, a Qing dynasty general and statesman and is one of the most famous dish in Chinese restaurants. The normal dish mostly involves chicken, but I made it with chickpea’s.

I marinated the chickpea’s in soy sauce and rice vinegar. And served with broccoli/cauliflower and rice. The veggies where leftovers from Christmas. Well actually, I bought them, then realized that 200 gr. wouldn’t be enough to feed 4 people so I bought a new broccoli and cauliflower for Christmas dinner.

What do you need? (2 servings)generaltso1

1 large can of chickpea’s (drained)
30 ml of water
30 gr. of tomato puree
7,5 ml of soy sauce
2,5 ml of ricevinegar
5 ml of chillisauce
3 gr. of sugar
5 gr. of mustard
5 gr. of all natural peanutbutter

Start by marinating the chickpea’s in soysauce and rice vinegar. I used about 1 tablespoon of each, but it all depends on taste.


Set aside until you are ready to use. Meanwhile cook the rice and steam your veggies, don’t have a steamerbasket? Do like I do and use a drain.


After that it’s time to make the sauce. Mix all the ingredients stated above and mix well. Set aside until you are ready to use.


When the veggies are steamed and the rice has cooked, drain the rice and leave to air out a bit. In a wok, heat some oil and add the chickpea’s. Bake until they start to brown a bit, then add the veggies and sauce. Mix everything very well.


Serve with rice and sprinkle over some spring onions and sesame seeds 😀