I didn’t do a new years resolutions post. First because I don’t do new years resolutions, if you want to change it just start doing it, don’t wait until a certain date. The other reason was that today is my one year blog anniversary and I think it’s a better reason to look back at the last year and to see what I’m heading towards.

This blog post will be about what I’ve achieved in this first year and how I see the next year of blogging.

Although, I think my biggest achievement is that I actually lasted a year!! I’ve started blogs before, but never kept it up for that long. I started with recipes, but learned very fast that I wasn’t going to be able to focus on just food, because sometimes my food doesn’t look that good or it just fails completely. This first post will be about what I achieved in the first year of blogging, tomorrow I will post about what I want to achieve in my second year and how I feel about what I have achieved.


I started this blog because I wanted some sort of digital cookbook for my foods, it was never meant to be about my lifestyle. In 2015 I decided to go vegetarian again, and I didn’t want to be the ‘lazy’ vegetarian I was before, going for meat replacements. When I got diagnosed with ADHD I choose to eat more ‘real’ food and wanted to cut back in processed food. For me going vegetarian (and now practically vegan) was an very obvious choice.

Going vegan was actually a very natural process since I can’t deal with milk very well and I’m not that big a fan of eggs (and they are easy to replace). Cheese was the hardest thing to let go of, but when I found an article about a study that showed that cheese is an addiction I choose to give it up. I sometimes use vegan cheese and sometimes make my own cheese sauce. Now that I’ve gotten used to it, it’s not that hard anymore.

Not that being vegan is easy, going vegan sometimes makes me feel like an outcast at social events (I’m the girl eating slices of white bread when everyone else is eating chicken wings) and sometimes I get fed up with the silly questions people ask me. During the holidays is was quite hard, because you can’t eat all the holiday stuff they sell at the supermarket, but I managed to stick to my ‘diet’ and make the choices I feel comfortable with.


In April I read the book that changed my life! I really hate it when people say that, because how can a book change your life. But this book did. When I was reading this book I kept thinking about the huge amount of stuff I took with me when I moved out of my studenthousing, I didn’t even have to buy anything (except a sofa, washing machine and a cooking plate). Did I really need that much stuff? I realized I didn’t. So I followed all the steps and cleaned out my clothing, books and my komono. And after that I realized I wanted to keep my house this clean.

So I kept my clothing ‘clean’ by looking into the French Wardrobe and the minimalis lifestyle and I feel I have made some really great steps. For my clothing, I started buying stuff that really matches with the stuff I already have and is neutral so I don’t even realize I’m wearing some pieces more often. Even with my ‘small’ wardrobe I still sometimes feel like I haven’t worn some pieces in weeks.

This also expanded in the stuff I buy for my house. I still need a lot of stuff for my house but instead of just buying stuff on inpuls I made a list of stuff that I need for my house, so when I visit a store and see something I like I can check my list if it’s something I need. Of course, not everything I need is on that list, but when I see something I want I always ask myself if I want this because I need it or because there is a other reason why I want it. I still give into temptation every now and then, but then I try to accept it and still make the best of it. But I can honestly say I haven’t bought anything I really don’t need any more.


This year I also started my new hobby, reenactment. My first time was as a guest with friends who attended an event and last year I attended my first event and even though I borrowed stuff from other people it felt really good. This is also something I can do with my brother and I think me getting into reenactment has really pushed him over the edge and get more serious about the reenactment. So we’re planning on attending at least 3 events this year and are planning on investing money on the more expesive stuff like tents. So I made my own set of clothing and acquired some awesome stuff and I attended a few more events. When I started this I expected this to be something I could just do, stay at the campsite and cook food.

But then I got my hands on a little ax and I finally realized I wanted to do more (my friends already knew, I was just in denial). This year is going to be the year that I will be a fighter!! This means making another set of clothing (apart from a wool set I want), learning to fight and hopefully kick some Viking ass 😛 (otherwise I still have my spoon I can use for a weapon).