Yesterday I posted about what I achieved in 2015 . Today I’m going to post about what I how I feel about 2015 en what I want to achieve on the 3 major subjects. Because even though I think I achieved a lot in 2015 I still feel I could do so much more. Other people seem to be so much better at everything that I want to do as well.

Again, I will start with food

While my choice to go vegetarian\vegan still makes me stand out a bit I still think I could do better, but the question is: do I really want to?

Some people on the blogs that I read seem to be so much better at it then I am. But I just can’t spend the energy on reading the labels on everything I buy. I do a quick check and most of the stuff I buy has the stuff I want to avoid in bold letters so it’s easier. But I don’t want to force the people around me to do the same. I just read a ‘discussion’ on a forum and some people have this strange idea that choosing to be vegetarian/vegan means you can force the people around to read the labels.

This means I will have to make compromises and I know that I will want to compromise on some things or in some situations. My ‘mister’ isn’t a vegetarian and he’s not to skilled in the kitchen. His ‘signature dish’ is fresh pasta, mozzarella, tomatoes and avocado’s. Choosing to stick to my ‘diet’ would mean I would always be cooking, this is not something I want to do. So, I choose to compromise and accept the egg in the pasta. I know this is easy for me because my reasons for going vegan aren’t connected to animal welfare, but to the environment . So if I was to cook two meals that would be a larger ‘offence’ in my book. So I asked him to add the cheese last after I took out the amount of food I want.

I do want to make more effort in making my own stuff. Maybe make my own pasta and bread some more.


This year has been the start on my journey towards a greener life and has really been all about setting a base for myself which I can use to build on. I’ve decluttered my house and life, and I feel this is something I really want to learn more about.

With my clothing I’ve build a nice basis wardrobe with some nice basic. Some of the stuff I bought will need to be replaced because they aren’t great quality. I’m even looking into some vegan-shoes, but I’m not running to those blindly, because I’m not sure how they are produces and I don’t want to buy something vegan at one had and still mess up the earth by buying a vegan shoe. So still loads to learn in that perspective.

Something I really want to focus on this year is reducing my waste. Now that I’m vegan I’m eating a lot more fresh stuff but I still produce more waste then I would like to. I mean, when I buy apples they come in a plastic bag, but when I get home I put it in a basket. But most stores don’t like it when you put stuff together or don’t put them in a plastic bag because they get weighed at the cash register. I’m thinking of buying paper bags (recycled paper) and use them to put my fruits and veggies in. These can be re-used. Yes, I know buying fruits and veggies on a market would be better, but guess what: I’m working 40+ hours a week and spend about 10-15 hours a week on the road. Markets take place on days that I work and I don’t want to spend my weekend biking to a farm to buy stuff. I like my free time to much 😛

In my house I want to invest in the stuff I really need and then spend money on the stuff I want. I don’t need that much anymore, so most of the stuff I’m going to buy this year is going to be stuff that I want. So when I see something I think I need I will still ask myself the questions I’ve used this year. Also, I want to check of nature friendly stuff, like paint for my bedroom. Water based paint is really affordable and it dries really fast, so that’s an extra bonus.


2015 was the start of my reenactment adventure and it’s been sort of a rollercoaster. I’ve started this with the idea that I would just hang out at the camp, but this year I will start as a fighter as well. This means I have to train and invest in more clothing and weapons. I still love doing this because I’ve met a lot of new people and learned skills I would have never learned otherwise (like sewing). The goal is that I will learn enough in 2016 so I can join one of the bigger groups in 2017!