New season of reenactment coming up!! Last year I got my first taste of reenactment and what you have to ‘put in’. Since my brother and me are going to take it a lot more serious this year this also means attending whole events.

And with the first one coming up in just a month, it was time to start prepping. Last year I made ‘summer clothing’ made out of linnen. But since nights can be quite cold this time of year it was time to make some warmer clothing as well. And there is the fact I’m going to be fighting this year as well, so I needed some clothing for that as well. So.. on to the internet! The perfect resource for your modern day viking! 😛 I ordered some gray/green wool for 2 tunics and a hood for my brother and a wrap for me. I also ordered brown linnen for a pair of pants and green for a tunic. 


Last year I made it to difficult for myself because I had no idea on how the making of clothing works. So this year I was smarter and made sure I made the stuff with my mom being around 😛 I started out with the cutting of the wool.

And just when I wanted to start cutting the fabric for the pants and tunic I realised I didn’t wash the fabric first. And since linnen shrinks about 5% you don’t want to see that happen to your clothing. So instead of starting on the new one, I re-made an old one my brother gave me. We had to cut out a ‘few’  cm’s around the edges. After that I made the hood for my brother. I could have made one for myself, but I hate wearing stuff around my neck. So I’m just gonna stick with a wrap and thermo underwear 😛


Don’t I look silly in my pants and tunic. You should have seen it without!! You can easily put in two me’s in that pants. But hey, it’s ‘fashion’.

When I was hit by another migraine attack again I decided I could just as well use that downtime to do some more handiwork as well. Since I’m always cold I bought a thermo shirt. Downside is that the neckline is to hight. So I cut out a part of it and hand sewn it back together as well.


And the finishing touch on that wrap