Today I read this Dutch article about how you can be a vegan without being an ass. I’ve chosen to go vegan about 6 months ago now and before that I’ve been vegetarian of and on. And even though it’s my choice to go vegan I hope I’m not a ‘vegannazi’ (I didn’t come up with this term). You know, one of those vegans that keeps telling people how awesome I am because I’m vegan. And I think I’m doing okey with that. I mean.. I still cook meat and I actually enjoy it. Well, I enjoy the fact that other people love my food.

The article I read named a few things that any vegan should try and prevent from doing. The article has more things, but I just took the ones I think are most important.

1. Don’t spam your Facebook with horrible pictures. 

It’s okey to post a pic of a cute chicken every now and then, but don’t overdo it! People will start to get annoyed by you. The author of the article lost about 30 friends because of this. I may post something every now and then, but I also spam about coffee, visiting a football match and baby pictures (not mine).


2. Know when to talk about certain subjects.

While eating out for the first time with your new boyfriends parents is not the best time to talk about their consumption of meat. Everybody will get frustrated and I don’t think you’ll make a great impression.

Try inviting your friends for a cup of coffee and a slice of vegan cake (hint: try my 4-ingredient cakes 1, 2)

(ow, if someone ‘attacks’ you about being vegan: kill em with fire!!)

3. Don’t hate everyone who’s not vegan. 

Like the one who wrote the article, I haven’t been a vegan since I was born. Try to keep that in mind when having a discussion with someone about your choice to go vegan.

4. Don’t battle with vegetarians. 

I find this one the most difficult. I hate it when people say they turned vegetarian because they don’t eat meat because they want to save animals, but yet they drink milk and eat eggs. It feels a bit hypocritical. But the author says: “compliment vegetarians: they do their part, although they might have a few steps to take.

Question: do you think I’m one of those annoying vegans?