So, last year I did a series of articles on decluttering my house, I went through all my clothingBooks and papers and my Komodo. Now, almost a year later, I wanted to see if I kept clutter out of my home or that it sneakily found it’s way into my home again.


So, since I was waiting on a package anyway, I though I’d get started.  I read through my old articles first to really get back in the ‘Kondo’-mood again. Since trowing stuff out more easily hasn’t been to hard on my I didn’t have to much trouble getting into the ‘spirit’ again.

Sorry for the long read, but I since I was done so fast it just didn’t feel right to split them into different articles. Hope you’ll forgive me 😛


As always, like last year this was where I began. I put al my clothing (except the stuff that was in the laundry of course) and put it on my bed.


So compared to last time I didn’t have that much clothing left. But almost everything on my bed is stuff that I wear, so I didn’t trow out to much. I put some lonely socks in the bin and some underwear that’s no longer my style. Two things did stand out for me. The sweater, after leaving my other job I put al the clothing I worn in the bin, except this sweater. Now, it no longer stands for a horrible period in my life, now it represents a comforting day on the sofa while watching a nice tv show. The other thing that stood out was the red bikini. I was holding it and I was just thinking: “why did I trow that out last year”. I never wear that shade of red and it does nothing for me!! So, BYE BYE!!Kondoagain2

I don’t have that many shoes, so I didn’t trow any of them out. The boots need a new heel and I need new laces for my sneakers. I don’t wear them that much. But I love the boots during winter and the sneakers just scream ‘festival/party/summer’ for me, so = happy me!!


Some stuff still have a ‘I don’t know’-feeling on them


These 3 shirts. They still make me happy, but the grey and the red one really don’t fit my current style. The right one gives my the same feeling as the sneakers. I decided on keeping them for now, and decide on them after the summer. If I don’t wear them then, I don’t see any reason to keep them.

Books and Paper

A while ago I choose to let go of a bunch of books that I knew I wasn’t going to sell anymore so I really didn’t have a lot of books to go through, most of the books I have are cookbooks. I did go through them and I found a lot of recipes I wanted to try, actually because they don’t seem that ‘hard’ now compared to a few years ago when I got the book. So this day was actually pretty awesome because of that.

I did trow out some medical bills, not because they are not important but because they have no use. When I was still in school I could deduct them from taxes, but now that I have a normal salary I make to much money to do that. So no point in keeping them



After clothing and paper it was time to go through all the other stuff. Most of the stuff I have I kept, because it still has use to me or I just really want to keep it because it makes me happy. The rug on the first picture was something I made when I moved here. I liked it when I made it, but now it just reminds me of how bad I felt. The Nivea stuff and make-up was a no-brainer since all of it is tested on animals or isn’t vegan.


This thing was the hardest to let go of. I made this as a part of a class I thought during my internship when I was in school. I loved making it and it was a great succes with the kids. The reason why I had such a hard time letting go of this was because it reminded me on how I finally found something I really loved, but I don’t think I’ll ever do. I still check for jobs, but there is nothing that has enough hours for me to make a living from (I’m talking 1,5 days of work a week). You never know what happens, maybe I’ll get back into teaching, but for now I’m letting go of this. There where some other stuff in the bag like picture frames I used for this game, I’m keeping those for decoration in my bedroom.


Reward = Food

I spend about 3 hours on doing this whole thing, I didn’t post everything of course. So after that it was time for a lazy dinner. A nice spelt bun with a lentil burger and awesome sauce.

What do you need (1 burger)fastfood1

  • 1 bun, I used a spelt bun
  • 1 lentil burger (or any other burger
  • lettuce
  • red onion
  • Spicy sauce:
    • 3 tablespoons of ketchup
    • 1 teaspoon of lemon juice
    • 1 teaspoon of mustard
    • chillies

My bun had to go in the oven, so while that was baking in the oven I mixed the ingredients for the sauce. I always hate it when my lettuce falls of the burgers. So cut the lettuce and mix with the sauce (a tip from Jamie Oliver).


Cut the onion in rings. Heat some ‘butter’ in a pan and bake the burger until nice and brown. Add the onions and bake these until soft.

Cut open de bun, put on half the lettuce/sauce, burger, onion and the rest of the sauce. Serve with some cucumber and enjoy this lazy meal.


Doesn’t look pretty, but a good burger never looks pretty. It’s messy to eat, but thats what I wanted.