Next week is easter and that means the re-enactment season will officially begin for me. Because I will go to the campsite after work on Friday I have to put everything in the car Thursday evening. So today I made a start with packing the stuff that I can pack and I made a list with stuff I have to take. Since I’ll be seeing my brother on Wednesday I asked him to pack up everything he needs to bring on that day so I can make sure everything gets packed efficiently.

I also have a list of food that I need to bring since I’ll be cooking my own food. That I’ll pick up after work on Thursday as well.


Tent pegs
Plastic for the bottom of the tent (need to buy that)
Brother’s stretcher (I’m borrowing one)
2 toppers to keep the cold of our backs
Sleeping bags
My sheep fur

Other camping gear

Drinking cup
Cloth bags to store food in when it can be in sight
Cloth for cleaning and covering up food


 Clothing (viking)

2 tunics
1 overdress (I’m getting a second one then as well)
1 pair of pants
1 tunic
Thermo clothing (most important)
Viking shoes
Fighting protection
Wool wrap

Clothing (non viking)

Clean clothing to wear home
Windbreaker jacket
Warm clothing to wear at night


Personal hygiene

Wet washcloths
All the other typical stuff you bring on a camping trip, like a brush and sunburn

All the other stuff

Sewing kit


Most of my stuff will go into my big box, like my safety gear and all the small stuff like plate and belt. When this is in my car I will fill it up with the food I’m bringing and some of the camping gear like the pegs. Clothing will go into a bag, since it’s not that much anyway. The clothing I’m wearing on Monday when we go home will stay in the car, otherwise it will just smell like smoke.


I’ll have to write up a packing list for food as well, but I’m gonna wait until I’m sure what foods will be on sale next week and what cooking gear I have available. I’m borrowing a kettle from a friend. To make sure I eat enough I’m gonna prep as much as I can, so measuring all the foods I need. Normal meals shoudn’t be to much trouble, but snacks can be, so I’m bringing cookies and some dried fruits as well. But I’ll write about that later on The Vegan Viking food list