Remember my post with the article about how you can be a vegan without being an ass. I asked my friends if I was being an ass sometimes. And pfeeew, I’m not (well not according to them at least). So when I ran into this article about ‘The 12 habits of highly effective vegans’ I was intrigued. I mean, being a vegan is one thing, but being an ass about it is another. In the article the author says it’s about communication that will open up the heart of others. For me, communication is one of the most important things you have, in every part of your life….


I’m not taking out all 12 points, you can read them in the article. But I’ve taken out the points that I find most important.

 Highly effective vegans are adaptive. They can adapt the way they talk and what they talk about, according to their audience. They are not dogmatic in their approach. They know they are under no moral obligation to present veganism as a moral obligation.

I agree. That fact that I choose to be vegan doesn’t make me someone who lives on a higher level or whatever. It just means I just make a different (again, not a better) choice. I never cared for meat, can’t deal with milk very well and the very thought of eating an egg makes me nauseous (it’s the slimy thing). So when I gave up meat, I just automatically turned vegan at some point.

Highly effective vegans know how to listen. They know that listening is essential to real communication. Highly effective vegans therefore also know to ask questions, and when to be quiet. They are friendly, and have a sense of humor. They know that the process of their conversations is often more important than the content.

This is just an automatic result of my first point. Communication is not just about telling what you think is important, but also listening to what other people are saying.

Highly effective vegans do remember what it was like to be a non-vegan – they don’t suffer from vegan amnesia. They know that at some point they ate animal products and may even have been deaf themselves to the animal rights arguments, even when they were articulated clearly to them. Therefore, they are patient and understanding.

Again, so true. I mean, I wasn’t raised to be a vegan, so I know what it’s like to eat meat. Again… I still LOVE the smell of bacon. People that seem to forget that most of them eat meat before are the same as people that used to smoke and now are the most anti-smoking people you’ll know!!  I hate those people…

9. Highly effective vegans are humble. They know they are not perfect. They know other people may do other great things, even if they are not vegan. And they know they don’t have all the answers.

Pfff. even I know I’m not a perfect vegan to some people. I still wear leather and fur for re-enactment. Hell, when I made my Kitkatcake I ate butter as well. Just because I had some buttercream on my finger and without thinking about it I put it in my mouth. Maybe it would be ‘easier’ if I would just refuse to cook anything with animal products, but again.. I have people around me that make other choices and I don’t want to force my choice on them.

11. Highly effective vegans understand the crucial importance of good food.They applaud the development of new products, they learn how to cook, and they can inspire other people by telling them about how great they can eat as vegans.

I sort of agree with this one, mostly because of the way this point was written. I think I learned to cook better when I turned vegan. But mostly because I got to know a lot of foods I never knew when I was still eating meats. The only thing I do is offer people idea’s on plant based options they can add to their menu. I think that fits in the trend of people eating less meat, but most people either eat replacements, or just leave out the meat. By offering them the recipes I use I hope they will still eat a full meal filled with all the nutrients you need.